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Welcome to the Only American Video Tape Store for rare German Movies and Old ZDF volksmusik shows.
Please note: All video tapes are in the American NTSC VHS video format
and will play on all VCR's in North America. We are closing out all of our VHS inventory. This will be your last chance to obtain these beautiful ZDF music videos and hundreds of classic German movies and heimatfilme. Due to the limited demand in the USA, most of these movies will unfortunately never be available on DVD in America.
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The following video titles are in 
German Language with English Subtitles.
They are all VHS in the U.S. system only.


'38 - Vienna before The Fall CR 4636
color, ca. 97 min. - The first Austrian motion picture to be nominated for a "Best Foreign Film" Oscar, "38" authentically depicts how the 'inconceivable' can all-too quickly become reality. Against the deceptively beautiful backdrop of pre-war Vienna, Wolfgang Gluecks's flawless direction centers around two lovers - one Jewish, one Aryan - who are blind to the escalating inhumanity which surrounds them. "38" chilling themes of eroding civil rights, racism, and political apathy make for a disquieting cinema experience the viewer is unlikely to forget. Starring Tobias Engel and Sunnyi Melles. German language with English subtitles.
**No Longer Available**

Taxi Zum Klo GS 14
ca. 92 min., this film contains explicit sex scenes - German writer/director Frank Ripploh stars in this candid autobiography about a homosexual school teacher who can't say no. Stalking sexual adventure, Frank prowls Berlin parks, public toilets and streets. When he meets, falls in love and moves in with Bernd, an ironic conflict between domesticity and promiscuity develops. A blow-up is inevitable. Coming home from a drag ball, they have one last fight. Next morning, Frank strides into his grammar school classroom still dressed as an Indian princess. German language with English subtitles. "I didn't want to make another problem movie about gays. I wanted to show both happiness and sadness because that's how life is." -- Frank Ripploh 


Tears in Florence AH 1
ca. 90 min. - Vera has a disfiguring accident in San Remo. Ruediger, the man who accidentally struck her with his car feels so guilty about injuring Vera that he stays by her side all during her convalescence. A strong love soon develops. When Ruediger asks Vera to marry him she runs away, convinced that he only loves her out of sympathy. But Ruediger finally finds her in Florence and convinces her to return with him and have plastic surgery. The surgery is a success and Vera agrees to marry Ruediger. In the meantime, Ruediger's company director, Wolfram, by chance is vacationing in Italy where he learns a dreadful secret: Ruediger and Vera are brother and sister! Wolfram returns to Germany with this news; the wedding is canceled - the lovers must part. Vera returns to Florence in a state of shock. Then, to make matters worse, she discovers she is pregnant... German language with English subtitles. Starring Wolfang Joop,


The Testament of Dr. MabuseEM 6119
Drama, 1933, Not Rated- Parental discretion adviced, ca. 120 min. - Dr. Mabuse resides in an asylum. His days are spent in creating elaborate ways of throwing the world into "an abyss of terror". These include robberies and violent attacks on banks, factories and railroads. No one takes the doctor seriously until a crime wave begins using techniques very similar to his plans. But the crimes continue after Dr. Mabuse's death and a police Inspector must find the connection between the dead doctor and the plans that should have died with him. Banned in Germany the year of its release, The Testament of Dr. Mabuse is a brilliant look at the fundamentals of the Nazi party. Director Fritz Lang hoped to unmask the madness of Hitler by putting his words into the mouth of an insane lunatic. Starring Rudolph Klein-Rogge, Otto Wernicke, Gustav Diessl, Oscar Beregl, Vera Liessem, Camilla Spira. German language with English subtitles.


Tenderness of the Wolves   AB 752
86 min., 1973. Not Rated. German with English subtitles. Warning: This film contains strong scenes of graphic violence. A Rainer Werner Fassbinder production of an Ulli Lommel film. Terror is loose on the streets of post-war Germany. After the fall of the Third Reich, a new evil has appeared on the war-ravaged streets. Spawned by the atrocities of war and circumstances beyond his control, Fritz Haarman (Kurt Raab) roams the streets nightly searching for his next victim. Beguiled by the promise of a brighter future, disadvantaged youths one by one accompany Haarman to his second story flat, never to be seen again. There appears to be no end to the number of victims or to the terror. But Haarman's careless disregard for his actions arouse suspicion, and the police set a trap. With a young man as bait they wait for evil to strike again.  


Tiefland OL 305
1954, b&w, ca. 98 min. - Directed by Leni Riefenstahl, the last of her films twelve years in the making. A landowner in the Pyrenees arranges a marriage between a gypsy dancer and a shepherd so he can have the woman as a mistress. This drama, based on an Eugen d'Albert opera, was the last completed feature film directed by Leni Riefenstahl. Music by Giuseppe Becce and Eugen d'Albert; featuring Leni Riefenstahl, Berhard Minetti, and Franz Eichberger.
German language with English subtitles.
Without subtitles order CH 538 $28.95


The Tin Drum ("Die Blechtrommel") WA 24053
ca. 142 min. - In 1979 the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film was presented to a masterpiece of dazzling exuberance and originality: Volker Schlondorff's The Tin Drum. Adapted from the internationally acclaimed novel by Guenter Grass, Germany's leading postwar writer, The Tin Drum is an intellectually challenging, visually stunning parable of modern society in violent transition -- as narrated by Oskar Matzerath, one of the most unforgettably unique heroes of our time. Oskar is born, clear-headed and open-eyed, into a world he never made - and he hates what he sees. At three, he's already had enough. "I decided," he narrates from the top of a long, dangerous flight of stairs, "to call a halt to it. To stop growing, then and there, and remain a three-year-old, alone, once and for all." Oskar has two weapons to see him through the ordeal of modern history: his tin drum, which he bangs to drown out horror and hypocrisy and his childish voice raised in a shriek piercing enough to break glass. These wonderful images of the power of the artist define Oskar's uneasy, defiant role in life. Starring Jean-Claude Carriere, Volker Schlondorff and Franz Seitz. Directed by Volker Schlondorff. German language with English subtitles.


Tonio Kroeger OL 112
1965, ca. 92 min. - Intellectual cinematic masterpiece based on the story by Thomas Mann. A youth tries to understand life. Tonio, the son of an austere Prussian businessman and a fiery, exotic Italian woman, is a young writer torn between contradictory desires and emotions. He is attracted to both the bourgeois world and the carefree passionate existence. This intriguing movie is a feast for the eyes and a challenge for the mind; while perhaps not for everyone's taste, it is a rewarding, stimulating experience for those who surrender to its very special world. Starring Jean-Claude Brialy, Nadja Tiller and Gert Frobe. German language with English subtitles. Note: First 2 minutes of film contains no music or sound. This is not a defect of the video cassette.


Der Todesking  (The Death King) TO 1
Horror, 72 min. - Obsessed by death, director Jorg Buttgereit, (Nekromantik) goes beyond the simplistic body count excesses of his peers to again find true horror. As one of the most unusual and compelling films to emerge from the European underground, Der Todesking is the chronicle of seven suicides over seven days, each prompted by a powerful chain letter. Not for the squeamish, this film avoids the clichés and goes straight for the throat.  WARNING: THIS VIDEO IS FOR ADULTS ONLY - IT CONTAINS VIOLENCE AND PERVERTED DRAMATICS.


Triumph of the Will DO 8
1934, b&w, English sub-titles, ca. 110 min. - May be the most enduringly controversial film ever made, justly both despised and admired. A shamelessly biased, unabashedly subjective rendering of the infamous 1934 Nuremberg rallies of the Nazi party, Triumph of the Will was commissioned by Hitler from his favorite actress-turned-director Leni Riefenstahl. An essential document of Hitler the orator and mesmerizer of the masses, Triumph of the Will revels in the monumental architecture of Albert Speer, the formal precision of the marching cadres, and above all, the almost religious exaltation of Hitler as the mystical personification of the dreams and ideals of his people, capturing kinetically with a mastery of technique that is both breathtaking and revolting.



Unter den Bruecken (Under the Bridge) DT 340
1945, ca. 100 min. - with Carl Raddatz, Gustav Knuth, and Hannelore Schroth. Directed by Helmut Kautner. Story of two bargemen on the river Havel who fall in love with the same woman. German language with English subtitles.


Der Untertan   DT 304
ca. 95 min. - A bourgeois man becomes an industrialist and minor politician by groveling before those above him and trampling those underneath. This highly praised satire, based on the book by Heinrich Mann shows the authoritarianism and chauvinism which led the Germans into Hitler's arms. With Werner Peters, Renate Fischer and Sabine Thalbach. German language with English subtitles.



Veronika Voss  M 202
ca. 105 min. - The third work in Rainer Werner Fassbinder's trilogy (The Marriage of Maria Braun and Lola were the other films) is about life during West Germany's post-war "economic miracle". Veronika's story is a tragic one. She is an ex-movie queen (a character inspired by German actress Sybille Schmitz) plunged into drug addiction...and kept there by a doctor who supplies morphine in exchange for control over her estate. Familiar Fassbinder themes surface in this consummately crafted, stylishly lighted film. The filmmaker, who made a name for himself by championing the cause of social and sexual outcasts, targets medical and government officials and even the U.S. (in the person of a drug-trafficking G.I.) in his narrative line of fire. Veronika Voss received a prestigious Golden Bear award at 1982's Berlin International Film Festival. Starring Rosel Zech, Hilmar Thate, Cornelia Froboess, Veronika Voss. German language with English subtitles.


Virgin Machine (Die Jungfrauenmaschine) (Adult) WA 555
ca. 82 min. - Initially intending to write a story, a young journalist researches and tries to find romantic love in Hamburg. When her attempts seem fruitless, she tries her luck in San Francisco, where the search becomes more personal. There she is introduced to San Francisco's lesbian scene, discovers her own sexuality, and remains convinced, despite a minor setback, that romantic love can be found. Written and directed by Monika Treut. German language with English subtitles.


Violent Sh*t #1 R 189
ca. 75 min. - Karl Breger's first ghoulish grin came at a very early age... he picked up a butcher knife. So, our saga begins! We find a psychotic Karl twenty years later living in the forest on the outskirts of a small town. Waiting and lurking for every unsuspecting victim to brutally slaughter in the most grisly and morbid ways imaginable. From the woman hitchhiker who he perversely splays and guts to the bloodletting mutilation of a forest logger which Karl heinously mangles then decapitates. Follow this butcher into his demented decent through evil mayhem and gruesome cannibalism, to the gut wrenching ending. For adults only. Perverted horror movie. German language with English subtitles.


Violent Sh*t #2 R 190
ca. 72 min. - More of the same **** as above!!! For adults only. Perverted horror movie. German language with English subtitles.


A Virus Knows No Morals FRP 1002
1985, 82 min. - Rosa von Praunheim, Dieter Dicken, Maria Hasenaecker. A black comedy filled with everyone's worst fears and a savagely funny burlesque on the AIDS crisis. Nurses on the night shift roll dice to see which AIDS patient will die next. The owner of a gay bathhouse gets Kaposi's Sarcoma but tries to keep his mind on profits. An epidemic victim is harassed by a reporter on his death bed - he sticks her with a contaminated syringe. The government opens a quarantine called Hell Gay Land. Gay terrorists kidnap the Minister of Health. A black comedy fill with everybody's worst fears, A Virus Knows no Morals is Praunheim's most controversial film to date: a savagely funny burlesque on the AIDS crisis. German language with English subtitles.




Wim Wender films:

The Goalies Anxiety PA 664
The State of Things PA 662
The Scarlet Letter PA 665
Wrong Move PA 669
Alice in the City PA 663
Kings of the Road PA 671

Westler: East of the Wall  WN 24836
ca. 94 min. - A romantic and historic story of love across the Berlin Wall. Felix, a West Berliner, falls in love on a day trip to East Berlin with Thomas, a young man with a beautiful smile and soulful eyes. Felix's frequent journeys back and forth to East Berlin make the border guards increasingly suspicious. Felix and Thomas's love grows stronger despite the distance between them and the scrutiny that Felix is subjected to each time he crosses into East Berlin. Ultimately, Felix plans an escape for his lover. This poignant feature is a tribute to the triumph of love over political boundaries. For adults only. German language with English subtitles.


Westfront 1918 EM 6136
Drama, 1930, Not Rated, b&w, ca. 90 min. - One of the most important anti-war films ever made, Westfront 1918 was pacifist director G. W. Pabst's first sound film and deals with trench warfare in the last stages of World War I. On a stagnant front, German soldiers try to hold their position against French attacks. The battle flares up and subsides; hours of desperate action alternate with periods of complete lull. Then the French make a tank attack in overwhelming strength. In the treacherous calm following, we see scenes of stark imagery. German and French soldiers die side by side, murmuring "Never again war." Westfront 1918 is one of the first pre-Hitler films to combine strong social criticism with real top-ranking artistic achievement. One of a trilogy, which includes Kameradschaft, it blends the intense cameral work of silent film with the power of sound. Starring Gustav Diessl, Fritz Kampers, Claus Clausen, Hans Joachim Mobeis, Gustav Puttjer, Jackie Monnier, Hanna Hoessrich and Else Heller. German language with English subtitles.


The White Rose MV 800280
1983, German with English subtitles, ca. 123 min. - Lena Stolze (The Nasty Girl) stars in this acclaimed feature based on the true story of five German students and their professor who formed a secret society dedicated to protesting the Nazi regime. Known collectively as the "White Rose", the Munich-based group distributed anti-Hitler leaflets under the Fuehrer's very nose. Playing cat and mouse with the Gestapo, they reported the murder of 300.000 Jews and urged German citizens to sabotage the war effort:" ... it is the holiest duty of every German to destroy the [Nazi] beasts." This resistance effort did cost them their lives. Was $78.95.


Wiener Blut (2007) New!!! VLM 14 DVD
vlm 14 cover ca. 130 min. color Optional Subtitles- Operette in 3 Akten von Victor Leon und Leo Stein fuer die Buehnen eingerichtet von Adolf Mueller jun. Musik von Johann Strauss. Mit Harald Serafin und Rainer Trost



Will My Mother Go Back to Berlin? WN 715
ca. 53 min., Hebrew and German with English subtitles. - Filmmaker Micha Peled's mother escaped Berlin during the Nazi era. She then established herself in Israel. Years later her son travels to the German capital seeking traces of her childhood and returns with a surprise invitation extended to his mother by the mayor of Berlin. German language with English subtitles.


Wings of Desire OR 5042
ca. 130 min. - From acclaimed filmmaker Wim Wenders (Paris, Texas) comes this wonderfully romantic fantasy about an angel who wishes he were mortal and is willing to fall from the sky if it means a chance of falling in love. Offering truly stellar performances by stars Bruno Ganz and Peter Falk, Wings of desire is set in modern day Berlin and follows angel Daniel's path from heavenly flight to earthly delight in a manner that's comical, touching and entertaining. German language with English subtitles.


A Woman in Flames AVC 636
1984, ca. 106 min. - This is the story of a beautiful young woman who escapes from a stultifying marriage and finds that sex can be a very profitable commodity. She is soon living with a young man who is also a professional lover. As their relationship intensifies, he becomes more conventional and jealous and she sheds all middle-class restraints. Robert Van Ackeren focuses his film on the world of the middle and upper class. It is a world ruled by money, power, and sex - where the unexpected and bizarre lie just beneath the tranquil surface. Starring Gudrun Landgrebe, Mathieu Carriere. German language with English subtitles.


Woyzeck  KV 410
ca. 82 min. - Klaus Kinski (Aguirre, The Wrath of God, Fitzcarraldo) delivers a chilling and unforgettable performance as a lowly orderly in the German arm y in Werner Herzog's Woyzeck. This tense and probing tragedy of an ordinary man's headlong plunge into madness and murder is filmed with a stunning clarity, punctuated by bursts of unexpected and devastating lyricism. Overworked to exhaustion by an officer, used for experiments by a sinister doctor, and scorned by the prostitute he lives with, Woyzek becomes as lethal as the razor with which he carries out his chilling destiny. This film features Eva Mattes, who won Best Supporting Actress at Cannes for her performance. German language with English subtitles.


Wrong Move(A Wim Wender film) PA 669
ca. 103 min. - Directed by Wim Wenders. Nastassia Kinski is a thirteen-year-old deaf mute acrobat in love with an author wandering around to experience something to write about.




Yiddle With His FiddleYL 796
ca. 90 min. - Director Joseph Green returned to his native Poland from America to produce this, the most commercially successful musical in the history of the Yiddish cinema. Starring Molly Picon, consummate comedienne of Yiddish theater, vaudeville, and film. This is the classic folk comedy about a man and his daughter who, penniless, decide to become traveling musicians. The daughter disguises herself as a boy to relieve her father's anxiety about unforeseeable problems that could befall a young woman "out in the world." They then join together with "another" father-son duo for music, comedy and romance. German language with English subtitles.
**No Longer Available**


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