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Our railroad-travel videos bring the world into your home, in glorious color,
with narration and often music. Experience the beauty and grandeur
of the world's greatest cities and countries and learn about
their people, culture, and history. Entertaining and educational.
Perfect for travelers and would-be travelers of all ages. Enjoy your trip. 

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- The Albula Railway (The Rail Wonder) PK 20088
English language, ca. 50 min. - The famous Albula Railroad between the towns of Thusis and St. Moritz in the Swiss canton of Graubuenden is rated by experts as one of the world's most technically demanding tracks. Between the picturesque villages of Berguen and Preda the train has to master a climb of 1350 ft over a distance of just 7.8 miles(!): the ingenious Swiss solved the problem with five brilliantly engineered hairpin curves laid in tunnels, two regular tunnels, nine viaducts and two mountain ledges.


Anniversary Celebration of the German Railroad RR 20001
- The Famous Rail-Festival 1985 in Nuernberg
English language, ca. 57 min. - Im Wandel der Zeiten, 150 Years German Railroad Festival in Nuernberg. The "Deutsche Bundesbahn" (Federal German Railways) sent out invitations for a spectacular anniversary celebration: a Railway Parade with trains from one and a half centuries. The reason: the first railway in Germany came into operation on the 7th December 1835. So, 1985 marked it's 150th anniversary. The spectacular, traveling show got under way in Nuernberg. More than 250 trains passed in front of the packed spectators stands. Steam engines, E-locomotives, priceless historical rarities, Originals, exact replicas of unusual models, Trains old and new.  RR 20001
*** no longer available

- China: Land of 10,000 Locomotives RR 20082
ca. 80 min. - Imagine, today there are still over 10,000 steam locomotives in active service on over 33,000 miles of track! The video takes us from the bone chilling cold in the North, visits to roundhouses and shops, all the way to Datong and Tangshan (homes of the last two existing steam locomotive factories in the world). English language.


- The Great Czechoslovakian Train Parade RR 20081
English language, ca. 60 min. - In 1838, there were only about 2000 kilometers of train tracks in the whole world when the first Czechoslovakian train steamed past the magnificent buildings of the Austrian-Hungarian monarchy. In the following years, Czechoslovakia developed one of the most advanced railroad systems in the world.


Deutscher Norden PK 20056G
ca. 50 min. - We experience the German North with its wide open spaces, fresh colors, images, and impressive tranquility. Take a look at the Hamburg harbor, the unique coastal mud flats known as the "Wattenmeer," and the offshore islands all considered as the essence of the German North. PK 20056G
*** no longer available

Erster Salzburger Modell Eisenbahn Club RKV 11
ca. 35 min., German language - Erleben Sie die Faszination einer der schoensten Modellbahn Anlagen der Welt. Spezielle Attraktionen: Rummelplatz mit Riesenrad und Geisterbahn - Circus Krone mit Inneneinrichtung - Winterlandschaft mit Skilift und Eis-Arena - Salzburger Altstadt.


Europe by Train TVS 114
English language, ca. 30 min. - This video will help travelers understand the benefits of train travel in Europe by showing how easy it is to move around from country to country. It will also help you get the most out of Europe's comprehensive 100,000 miles rail system. Produced in five segments: The trains of Europe - Railway stations and services - Sightseeing by train - How to use the trains efficiently - All you need to know about unique Eurailpass, the unlimited mileage train travel pass valid in 17 different European countries.


The Fabulous Swiss Jungfrau Region PK 2007
This superb travel video takes you to one of the most beautiful regions in the world. It soils you with colorful sights of gigantic mountains towering over quaint, enchanting villages. Visit the cities, the villages and their people... Ride an aerial tram to take in breathtaking views of the Schilthorn and Maenlichen regions... Come along on a helicopter ride around the grandiose Aletsch Glacier... Marvel at the gigantic Truemmelbach Falls hidden deep inside an Antediluvian rock formation. PK 2007
*** no longer available

Faszination Modellhubschrauber RKE 11
ca. 60 min. - Spannende Flugszenen mit einigen der weltbesten Piloten; Kinofilme: wie man realistische Abstuerze inszeniert; Wie alles angefangen hat: die ersten Flugversuche; Rumpfmodelle: wie realistisch sie aussehen koennen; Plus: Nachtflug, Elektro-Modelle, Pylonen-Rennen und vieles mehr.
*No Longer Available*

Full Steam Ahead with the 01 150 RR 20087
ca. 50 min. - The famous German heavy Pacific 01 150 first arrived on the railroad scene in December of 1935, and what a maiden run this was: On the point of ten coupled, brand-new, standard format, express locomotives, this magnificent steam engine was chosen to open the 1935 German Railroad Parade of the Reichsbahn in Nuremberg! Authentic portrayals of this historic event as well as fascinating archive footage of the 01 150's regular and special runs together with heavy steam actions of a recently overhauled 01 150 make this outstanding video a must-see masterpiece! Additional special highlights feature rare glimpses inside the well-known German railroad depot at Offenburg. English language. RR 20087
*** no longer available

Full Steam in the Thueringian Forest PK 20094
English language, ca. 83 min. - For four days in February 1991, the placidly beautiful Thueringian Forest, Germany's winter wonderland, was transferred into a rolling steam museum. <The Deutsche Reichsbahn replaced the regular diesel engines with steam power. These extraordinary creations traveled in High Iron between Arnstadt, Meiningen and Oberstdorf. PK 20094
*** no longer available

German North and Express to the South PK 20056E
English language, ca. 50 min. - You are taken to the exciting city of Hamburg and - from the bird's-eye view - see the medieval Hanseatic city of Luebeck. Join us then on a trip by car-sleeper-train to the German South and visit famous Bavarian royal castles such as Neuschwanstein and Linderhof! Munich and the surrounding Bavarian landscape leave no one unmoved. An old festival in Ulm and a princely wedding in Landshut are just two of many other highlights! PK 20056E
*** no longer available

Germany Intercity Triumph - ICE RR 20111
English language, ca. 55 min. - Challenged by the success of the French TGV, German rail builders have taken their already fine system to unprecedented levels of success in the creation of the ICE - Inter City Express. This exemplary film presents an intimate view of technicians checking and perfecting the sleek new train. From the birth of the test prototype in the summer of 1985 with a top speed of 196 mph, we share in the subsequent developments of the new fleet. Today these trains serve more and more lines as rights-of-way are upgraded. Most impressive is the ICE maintenance facility in Hamburg-Eidelstedt which literally swallows the entire 14 car train.


Glacier Express VV 5/ R 206
ca. 52 min. - Discover the Swiss alps aboard the Glacier Express. View lush green meadows, cascading rivers and picturesque towns as the train snakes through the majestic Swiss alps. This scenic adventure traverses the very heartland of Southern Switzerland, from the Rhine to the Rhone, past medieval towns and alpine villages all amid the most inspiring surroundings in the world. Sit back and enjoy yourself.


- Gornergrat Express PK 20083
ca. 55 min. - On a summer day in 1878, Mark Twain stood on the Gornergrat and marveled at the magnificent view of Monte Rosa and the Matterhorn (the latter reproduced at Disneyland). Twenty years later, daring pioneers laid the tracks for the first electrical train to climb above 9000 feet to the Gornergrat from Zermatt. Today over 3 million people a year enjoy the picturesque and exciting ride which starts with a Swiss BVZ train in the upper Rhone Valley, winding through the incredibly romantic Matter Valley. before finally changing to the Gornergrat Express we take a stroll through Zermatt, a town where gasoline powered vehicles are banned and all cars run on electricity, keeping the mountain air pure.


Great Metros Berlin GP 35
ca. 26 min. - Explore the subways of Berlin in this unusual video documentary.


On the Glacier by Train PK 20002
English language, ca. 55 min. - Come join us for an unforgettable journey through the Berner Oberland right in the heart of Switzerland. Here, through one of the most beautiful alpine landscapes in Europe, runs the famous Jungfrau Railway. Its tracks overcome an elevation of over 9000 feet! PK 20002


A Great Pacific is Reborn 01 519 RR 20116
English language, ca. 55 min. - The beautiful Pacific express locomotive No. 01-159 was nearly scrapped in the early 1980s. Given reprieve as a heating engine in the shops, she was miraculously saved from an inglorious end by preservation-minded German railway leaders. Here is a wonderfully filmed saga of the 01-159 in February 1991, when the loco spent three exuberant days in regularly scheduled service heading passenger trains on the 55-mile run from Magdeburg to Thale. RR20116
*** no longer available

Harz Mountain Steam RR 20112
ca. 55 min. English language. RR20112
*** no longer available

- High Ball for the German Mikado 41 018 RR 20092
ca. 40 min. - The steam locomotives of the '41' series were built from 1936 on. Originally built for fast freight service, the engines performed with such excellence that they also were put into passenger service. Our video shows the wide range of services the '41' Mikados (2-8-2) performed. English language.


- I.C.E. World Record / German Rail RR 20080
ca. 30 min. - On May 1, 1988, the ICE (Inter City Experimental), newest train of the German Federal Railways (DB), set the world record for trains, hitting the incredible speed of 252 MPH! Seventeen (!) camera teams recorded this history making event from all angles: along the right of way, from the air, inside the high-tech dynamometer car, and in the cab. An exciting, historical documentary!. English language.


LOCOVISION Swiss Bernina Railway Line RR 20104
English language, ca. 45 min. Scenic Railroad Journey RR 20104
*** no longer available

- LOCOVISION Black Forest to Konstanz RR 20100
English language, ca. 55 min. - Beginning in the flat, upper Rhine Valley, we travel 110 miles to a top altitude of 2,740 ft. on a rail line first constructed in 1873, through the heart of the Black Forest to the crystal waters of Lake Constance. The railroad was designed by engineer Robert Gerwig, who brilliantly solved the problem of impossible grades by building a circuitous route which could make the tough ascent gradually. We pass such interesting locales as Triberg, Summerau, the Danube Watershed, Villingen-Schwenningen, and Donauschingen. You'll be fascinated by our stopping in mid-tunnel, there are 37 altogether, for a meet with an opposing train, because of a major track improvement program. Double track came to the line in 1921, for all but the last mile and a half into Konstanz, which remains single iron because of the extremely tight clearances in the splendid old city. The bracing winds on Lake Constance make for great sailing among the boats which we pass on our way in. Further on, the colorful banners, classic old-world architecture, and festive crowds blend to create a warm welcome for our train into Konstanz on the Swiss border.


- LOCOVISION High Road to St. Moritz RR 20098
English language, ca. 50 min. - Part of Switzerland's Albula Railway, this 39-mile line from Thusis to St. Moritz is a glorious feat of meter-gauge rail engineering completed in 1904. there is a cornucopia of breathtaking snow-capped mountains gracefully aching stone viaducts, and five imposing spiral tunnels. Join using the cab of this 2,400 hp, GE 4-4-2 electric locomotive pulling a set of pristine passenger cars in the Rhaetia Railway's dramatic crimson red scheme. You'll see our engineer at the controls of our train handling his duties with exactness and aplomb. Our climb through the mountains will take us 4,500 ft. above sea level, and even with a prevailing 3.5% grade, we'll have no trouble maintaining our cruising schedule of 35 mph. At the 20,000 ft. Albula Tunnel, we'll pass into the valley of the upper Engadin. This is indeed one of Europe's most fascinating mountain range runs.


- LOCOVISION From Lindau to Munich in the cab RR 20199
English language, cal 55 min. - Lindau to Munich. Here are two interesting journeys from Lindau to the Bavarian capital of Munich, with a fascinating twist of German rail history. The first route, through Memmingen, was proposed by Liszt in the 1840's, but not built until 1890. Still today it is a single track line. The second route, through Kempten, was built first because of geopolitical considerations, and is double track today. Munich's giant stub-end terminal, built between 1876 and 1884, is today a modern, cosmopolitan facility.


- Mit der Eisenbahn auf die Gletscher PK 20007
German language, ca. 55 min. - Im Herzen der Schweiz liegt das Berner Oberland. Hier, durch eine der bezauberndsten alpinen Landschaften Europas, verlaeuft die beruehmte Jungfrau-Bahn. Sie ueberwindet einen Hoehenunterschied von sage und schreibe 3000 Metern.


- Narrow Gage Helene, Jagsttal PK 20000
English language, ca. 50 min. - The Jagsttal Railway running from Moeckmuehl to Doerzbach is the longest rail track in Germany using a 75 cm-gauge! It is still in service today using steam trains on a regular basis. We accompany this picture book train on its 39 km long, winding way from Moeckmuehl to Doerzbach through one of the most romantic river basins in Southern Germany. Cameras were installed on the engine as well as the railroad cars to capture the most exciting views along this scenic journey. Pictured also is a group of railroad buffs from the German Society for Railroad History, which has contributed a lot to the Jagsttal Railway. Also available in German language: Schmalspur-Helene $8.95 Order # PK 19999


Orient Express - From Paris to Istanbul R 193
English language, ca. 60 min. - Travel along with us. We start in Paris and follow this exciting railroad all the way to Istanbul. This video is pure enjoyment, entertaining, and informative.


- Orient Express PK 20008G
German language, ca. 55 min. - Schon der Name dieses unvergesslichen Zuges befluegelte vor dem Zweiten Weltkrieg die Phantasie des Publikums und inspirierte die Filmproduzenten. Wir starten in Istanbul, gleiten vorbei an Kuppeln und Minaretten, besuchen glitzernde Staedte wie Edirne, Sofia, Budapest und Wien. auch die eleganten, voellig restaurierten Zuege in all ihrer pompoesen Herrlichkeit von einst stellen sich vor.


- Orient Express PK 20003
English language, ca. 53 min. - Since the nostalgic memory of it just refused to go away, it came as no surprise that the Orient Express was finally resurrected in 1976 after more than 30 years. Once again this luxury hotel on wheels offers its passengers the kind of wonders that could come straight from Arabian Nights. All aboard! Our trip starts in Istanbul. As shiny domes and slender minarets glide by, this exotic region unfolds before our eyes. On and on we go - through glittering cities like Edirne, Sofia, Budapest and Vienna. Seeing the elegant, completely restored trains is a treat in itself, let alone the 14 steam locomotives which have been rarities for some time. Here comes the Belle Époque once again, rolling in on the wheels of the Orient Express.


The Pride of German Steam RR 20117
English language, ca. 60 min. - Here is the fastest operable steam locomotive of the German Federal Railways today, resplendent in shiny black and red: The patrician 01-1100 a 4-6-2, 196-ton beauty capable of 87.5 mph! She was born in 1940, one of 55 sleek machines built for the Deutsche Reichsbahn. 1956 brought conversion to oil and 19 more years of regular service. Dormant for 10 years, she emerged from the scrap heap in 1985. Still not in the best of health in 1989, she spent 9 months under extensive repair at the Offenburg Repair Depot. Revel with her as she flies on high-speed trips through the verdant German countryside, through the Rhine Valley to Karlsruhe. RR 20117
*** no longer available

- Polish Steam Twilight RR 20113
English language, ca. 63 min. - The sun is setting on the glory of Polish steam. Experience the feel and detail of daily steam operation practice by railway personnel long steeped in this noble tradition. We are in the southwest corner of Poland, near the Czechoslovak border, at Wolsztyn steam center. first, in the rich verdancy of the mid-summer, we'll take the local train, (eight stops in 19 miles) through a lush and hilly countryside of villages, farms, and charming wooden depots. the film's final image is a breathtaking night shot of a passenger train departing Wolsztyn, all steam and smoke in the frigid night air. What a sight!


The Railways of the Jungfrau Region R 194
English language, ca. - In the very heart of Switzerland's Bernese Oberland there stand three mountains, the Eiger, the Moench, and the Jungfrau. The tallest of these, at over 4000 meters, is the Jungfrau. Incredibly, a railway stretches towards a saddle called Jungfraujoch just below the mountain's summit. The last 7.1 kilometers are in a tunnel which has its entrance at the base of the Eiger's terrifying North wall. Jungfraujoch is the highest railway station in Europe. Feeding the Jungfrau Railway is the longest cogwheel railway in Europe, the Wengeralpbahn which stretches towards Kleine Scheidegg from Lauterbrunnen in the west and Grindelwald in the east. Modern green and beige railcars glide up the mountainside while tiny ancient electric locomotives look after freight and work trains. The Bernese Oberland Bahn runs from Interlaken to both Lauterbrunnen and Grindelwald. It is a combined adhesion and rack meter gauge railway with swift trains sweeping through lush green valleys. It also has a delightful steam engine and Kaiser Wagon. The famous Schynige Platte Bahn rises from Wilderswil, two kilometers south of Interlake to a height of nearly 2000 meters. Its ancient rolling stock recreates a journey which has remained unchanged since the early years of the century. R 194
*** no longer available

Southern Germany and Black Forest PK 20006E
English language, ca. 55 min. - We visit a number of picturesque places such as Wuerzburg, Rothenburg o.d. Tauber, Augsburg, Freiburg and Konstanz. Typical is Fuessen with its baroque church and Munich with its beer gardens and the famous Marienplatz.


- Steam Adventure in Ecuador RR 20091
English language, ca. 70 min. - Hang on to your seat for dear life as age-old Baldwin Moguls (2-6-0) ricochet, huffing and puffing under full steam, along zigzag tracks, teetering right on the edge of breath-taking, up to 9000 feet high, steep ravines. These Baldwin steam locomotives date from 1900 the 1958 and are still performing well on the meter gauge mainline which, in section, originates from the Nineteentwenties.


- Steam in India RR 20086
English language, ca. 70 min. - Every day about 15 million Indians depend on trains for transportation, leaving the camel as second-place competitor in the dust. With holy monkeys on the tracks and non-paying passengers on top of the trains, timetables are an enigma in India. Today there are still several different track sizes and more than 4,000 steam locomotives on over 37,000 miles of tracks.


- Steam in Viet Nam RR 20090
ca. 55 min. - To this date, foreigners are not allowed to ride on trains in Vietnam; filmed under a special government permit this superb video takes you on an exciting 1000 mile trip from Hanoi to Saigon, the longest continuous narrow gauge mainline in the world and, quite possibly, the world's least maintained one, too. The 2-8-2, the 2-6-2 T (and on occasion a diesel engine) accompany us through beautiful scenery ranging from the hustle and bustle of colorful cities and villages to majestic coastal mountain ranges. Visiting today's Hanoi and Saigon adds a fascinating and special flavor to this.


Swiss Bernina Express PK 20084
ca. 50 min. - Starting at St. Moritz, Switzerland, the Bernina Express is a unique railroad. Without the use of cogwheels it climbs up into chilly alpine terrain and then descends into the splendor of sunny Italy; all along this unforgettable route. Mother Nature provides exceptionally beautiful contrasts in scenery.


- Steam Locomotives of the Swiss "Rhaetia" RR 20085
ca. 45 min. - Over sixty years after the last of their kind disappeared, the unmistakable sound of laboring steam locomotives echoed through the picturesque valleys of the Swiss Grisons in honor of a historic event: The Rhaetia Railroad's 100th birthday. The original 100 year old 1-C wet-steam locomotive "Rhaetia" and its two 83 year old 1-D hot-steam sisters "107" and "108" had been edged out by the age of electricity and spent years in museums and storage.


Steam Splendor in Saxony RR 20115
English language, ca. 60 min. - Here are seven steam beauties, lovingly maintained by the German Reichsbahn and operated in regular service in a special week-long festival. Dresden's magnificent, arching train shed is our point of departure for the Pacific 03-001. Our journey will take us along the countryside through Saxony to Bautzen and Goerlitz, plus branch lines around Luben. These shiny locos, resplendent in jet black and crimson, comprise six different wheel configurations of six, eight, and ten driving wheels. Several are tank engines with the tender attached which German railway engineers used frequently in their varied service requirements. RR 20115
*** no longer available

Switzerland by Train
English language, ca. 30 min. - A guide to the Swiss travel system. The Swiss travel system can easily take you from snow-covered peaks to subtropical palm groves, from pastoral lake shores to modern cities, on scenic excursions through Switzerland. Produced in fife segments: The Swiss Travel System - This is Switzerland - Special trips and sightseeing - How to use the system - Summary.
*No longer available

- Swiss Glacier Revisited TR 20093
ca. 60 min. - Come along and join us for a 185 mile autumn journey that will dazzle you with breathtaking views of Switzerland's world famous mountainous landscapes. The cameras are set up along the main line and in the cab, as the Glacier Express winds its way from St. Moritz to Zermatt, which is truly one of the most beautiful rail routes in Switzerland, if not in the whole world. Extensive sight-seeing along the route and a visit to the "Glacier Express Restaurant", highly regarded even by hard-to-please gourmets, are just some of the many nice extras this beautiful video offers..


Swiss Rail: The Albula Line AM 163
English language, ca. 50 min. - One of Switzerland's most spectacular rail journeys can be found on the Rhaetian Railway's famous Albula Line between Chur and St. Morita. Traveling behind one of the historic "Crocodile" locomotives, this excursion takes us through breathtaking mountain scenery and incredible autumn landscapes. AM 163
*** no longer available

Swiss Rail: The Davos Line AM 171
English language, ca. 50 min. - The unmatched beauty of Switzerland's mountain railways is celebrated in this journey from Landquart to Filisur on the Rhaetian Railway's Davos Line. We visit the exclusive resorts of Klosters and Davos and travel through the beautiful Landquart and Landwasser river valleys, pausing en route to enjoy the conclusion of the centenary celebration of the Rhaetian steam locomotive's inaugural run. AM 171
*** no longer available

Swiss Rail: The MOB Railway AM 8018
English language, ca. 50 min. - Our journey on the Montreux to Zweisimmen line takes us through some of Switzerland's most majestic lake and mountain scenery and provides an opportunity to visit the famous resorts of Montreux and Gstaad. We enjoy a nostalgic steam rice at the Blonay-Chamby railway preservation museum and pause to watch a traditional cheese maker at work. AM 8018
*** no longer available

Swiss Rail: The Arosa Line AM 198
English language, ca. 50 min. - A summertime journey along the Rhaetian Railway's Arosa Line is the perfect way to experience the unrivalled beauty of the Swiss mountain railway system. Traveling between Chur and Arosa takes us through the unusual landscape of the Schanfigg valley, passing traditional wooden chalets and beautiful wild flowers. The high altitude rail line negotiates spectacular turns, tunnels, and river passage ways, arriving at the exclusive high-mountain resort of Arosa, the final destination in this captivating journey. AM 198
*** no longer available

Swiss Rail: The Bruening Line, Part 1 AM 201
English language, ca. 50 min. - The first part of the journey on the SSB's sole narrow-gauge railway begins in the famous resort of Interlaken. From there, we travel along the shoreline of beautiful Lake Brienz to the charming village of Meiringen. The journey stops for several interesting diversions, which include a close-up look at the lake steamers, a visit to local woodcarvers, a ride on the Brienz-Rothorn Steam cog railway and a tour of the fascinating collection of old houses at Ballenberg. AM 201
*** no longer available

Swiss Rail: The Bruening Line, Part 2 AM 8021
English language, ca. 50 min. - The splendor of lakeland Switzerland provides the setting for the second part of our journey on the SSB-Bruenig Line's narrow-gauge railway. The journey starts again in Meiringen, using a cog system to make the climb over the Bruenig pass. The descent through the magnificent countryside asses sparkling lakes and provides a visit to the canton of Sarnen and its baroque open-air parliament. A tour of Lucerne's old quarter and the railway section of the Swiss National Transport Museum make a perfect ending for this journey. AM 8021
*** no longer available

Swiss Rail: The Emmental Railways AM 228
English language, ca. 50 min. - The mountains of the Swiss Jura are the starting point for a rail adventure that passes through the heartland of the lush Emmental region and on to the glorious scenery of the Bernese Oberland. Some of the delightful diversions along the way include the scenic chairlift at Weissenstein, the historic town of Solothurn, a tour of Burgdorf's medieval castle and museum of music, and a close-up look at one of the EBT's surviving steam locomotives.  AM 228
*** no longer available

Swiss Rail: The Appenzell Railway AM 236
English language, ca. 50 min. - The railway company of Canton Appenzell runs its narrowline through some of the most beautiful countryside in the land. The journey begins at Gossau and passes through fertile woodlands, stopping at the historic towns of Herisau and Appenzell. Farther on, we take the branch line to Wasserauen and a trip up the majestic Santis mountain. At Gais, a cog railway takes us over the mountain ridge and into the Rhine valley. Journey's end is at the ancient city of St. Gallen, once one of Europe's major monastic centers. AM 236
*** no longer available

Swiss Rail: The Bodensee-ToggenburgAM 244
English language, ca. 50 min. - The Bodensee-Toggenburg Railway runs through northeastern Switzerland's lush countryside from the mountains of the Toggenburg region to the sparkling blue waters of the Bodensee, also known as Lake Constance. Beginning on the shores of Lake Zurich, we pass through mountains and valleys before arriving at the historic village of Lichtensteig. Later we join a wedding party on a restored steam traing. The line continues through spectacular countryside with a visit to Switzerland's highest railway viaduct, before journey's end at the port of Romanshorn on the lovely shores of the Bodensee. AM 244
*** no longer available

Swiss Rail: Gotthard Line, (North) Part 1 AM 317
English language, ca. 50 min. - Zuerich is the starting point of this captivating journey through the center of Switzerland. After a run beside Lakes Zuerich, Zug and Lucerne, we break the journey to look around the old town of Zug, and to visit the Victorinox factory in Schwyz, where the famous Swiss Army Knives are made. The history of the Gotthard line and its locomotives takes us to the depot at Erstfeld, now home to one of the surviving "Crocodiles." After Erstfeld the line begins to climb steeply, twisting and turning around the village of Wassen, whose church is a famous vantage point for railway enthusiasts. We end our journey at Goeschenen, where we leave the train to look at the Gotthard Pass road and follow the old horse-drawn postcoach to the summit. AM 317

Swiss Rail: Gotthard Line, (South) Part 2 AM 325
English language, ca. 50 min. - Our journey begins at the southernmost tip of Switzerland passing by the blue waters of Lake Lugano. Along the way we stop to visit some of the many attractions of the region, including the Monte Generoso rack railway and the Swiss miniature model village. We admire some impressive historic castles in the city of Bellinzona and enjoy spectacular mountain scenery. The climb to the summit includes two sets of fascinating spiral tunnels, marvels of railroad engineering. Other treats include a ride on an E3/3 ex-Gotthard steam locomotive at Mendrisio. We round off this compelling journey on the Gotthard Line with a look at the Gotthard tunnel excavation at Airolo. AM 325

Swiss Rail: BLS Loetschberg Line AM 333
English language, ca. 50 min. - Our journey on the Bern-Loetschberg-Simplon (BLS) line begins at the important town of Brig, near the Italian border. Immediately, we climb up he steep side of the Rhone valley towards the Alpine divide at Goppenstein. After the impressive summit tunnel, we descend into the lush Kander valley, stopping to visit a traditional wooden box maker. At Spiez, on the shore of sparkling Lake Thun, we break our journey for a visit to the local castle. A side trip to the popular resort town of Interlaken introduces us to the history of the Loetschberg line, leading us back to a stop at the BLS depot at Spiez. The rail jouney ends at the historic town of Thun, where we board a lovingly-restored BLS paddle steamer for an excursion down the lake. AM 333
*** no longer available

Swiss Rail: The Bernina Express AM 701
English language, ca. 52 min. - The Bernina Express runs from the breathtaking Engadine Valley with its string of glacial lakes, through the awesome peaks of the Swiss Alps, to the lush, vineyard-covered slopes of Italy. Enjoy the thrills of horse racing on ice at the fashionable resort of St. Moritz. Journey through the deep January snow as the Rhaetian Railway climbs to its summit in the Alps. Pause at Poschiavo, the region's principal settlement, to take in the elegant homes and peaceful squares. Filled with breathtaking views of Switzerland's changing seasons and Italy's enticing countryside, this program promises an impressive guide to the region's popular travel destinations. AM 701
*** no longer available

Swiss Rail: The Engadine Line  AM 702
English language, Ca 51 min. - From the world-famous St. Moritz to the spa town of Scuol, this train journey rolls through the Engadine Valley, highlighting many of the area's lesser-known attractions. Witness the sport of skijoring, a combination of horse racing and skiing, which takes place every year at the luxurious resort of St. Moritz. Glimpse at the peaks of the Swiss National Park, a glorious wildlife have that was once home to dinosaurs. Visit the medieval castle of Tarasp, which offers a commanding view of the region from its perch on top of a crag. With a look at the history of the Rhaetian Railway, this program features visits to numerous villages and remote spots atop this breathtaking valley. AM 702
*** no longer available

Swiss Rail: The Gruyere Railway AM 703
English language, ca. 50 min. - From the fertile farmland near Palezieux to the mountain peaks of the Sarine Valley, the Gruyere-Fribourg-Morat Railways scenic network of lines lie in the lush landscape of western Switzerland. Go behind the scenes at the chocolate factory in Broc where Switzerland's most mouthwatering creations are makes. Visit the historic town of Gruyeres with its picturesque cobbled main street and famous medieval castle that was home to the Counts of Gruyere for generations. Traveling on one of the few companies in Switzerland that operates both meter and standard gauge tracks, this program uncovers a region full of history, heritage and charm. AM 703
*** no longer available

- The Trans Europe Express VT 601 RR 20095
English language, ca. 55 min. - In 1990, the German Federal Railways (DB) and Eisenbahn Video set forth to produce an extraordinary documentary of the fast passenger diesel train. the VT 601. In the summer of 1957, when first introduced, the VT 601 linked Dortmund - Ostende, Hamburg - Zurich, Frankfurt - Amsterdam and Dortmund - Paris with first class only passenger service.


- Thueringian Steam Spectacular RR 20114
English language, ca. 70 min. - Enjoy the thrill of live steam in regular daily operation. For three days in April 1991 the Deutsche Reichsbahn (East German Railway) operated six magnificent, meticulously maintained steam beauties on 40 regularly scheduled trains in Thueringia, a breathtakingly beautiful region in the eastern part of Germany. The locomotives are 4-6-2s (one of which was the fastest steam engine ever built - along with England's Mallard - and capable of 112 mph) and a muscular, powerful 2-10-2 built for the steepest mountain grades. This exacting video, made by the finest expert German technicians, captures the thrill of riding in steam cabs where you can observe for yourself the nuts and bolts and the finely polished brass gauges operated by the engineers and firemen.


- Im Wandel der Zeiten, 150 Years German Railroad Festival in Nuernberg PK 20009
ca. 55 min. - Geburtstagsfeier der Deutschen Eisenbahn, Nuernberg 1985. Den 150. Jahrestag der Eroeffnung der ersten deutschen Eisenbahnstrecke von Nuernberg nach Fuerth am 7. Dezember 1835 beging die Deutsche Bundesbahn mit einer eindrucksvollen Festveranstaltung in Nuernberg. Hier bot sich dem begeisterten Besucher eine Parade von Zuegen, die ihn 150 Jahre Eisenbahngeschichte nachvollziehen liess.


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