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Welcome to the Only American Video Tape Store for rare German Movies and Old ZDF volksmusik shows.
Please note: All video tapes are in the American NTSC VHS video format
and will play on all VCR's in North America. We are closing out all of our VHS inventory. This will be your last chance to obtain these beautiful ZDF music videos and hundreds of classic German movies and heimatfilme. Due to the limited demand in the USA, most of these movies will unfortunately never be available on DVD in America.
Once our videos are gone, they're gone!!!
We have drastically reduced the prices on over 2000 video titles closeout. Make sure to buy these classics while supply lasts.
On all VHS clouseout prices we will send you a new or previously viewed tape.



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Films from the former East German Republic

Please note: Many of the videos listed below will be totally discontinued once our limited supply is sold.

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Die Abenteuer des Werner Holt (The Adventures of Werner Holt) Order # DFA 60 ca. 163 min.
Affaire Blum (The Blum Affair) Order # DFA 1069 ca. 105 min.
Als die Mauer fiel (When the Wall came Tumbling Down) Order # DFA 169 ca. 89 min.
And Your Love Too Order # DFA 147 ca. 92 min.
Anton der Zauberer (Anton, the Magician) Order # DFA 57 ca. 101 min.
Apachen (Apaches) Order # DFA 35 ca. 90 min.
Das Beil von Wandsbek (The Axe of Wandsbek) Order # DFA 140 ca. 111 min.
Auf der Sonnenseite (On the Sunny Side) Order # DFA  49 97 min.
The Bicycle Order # DFA 150 ca. 89 min.
Bis das der Tod euch scheidet (Until Death Do Us Part) Order # DFA 146 ca. 92 min.  
Born in '45 (Jahrgang 45) Order # DFA 122 ca. 94 mins.
Carla (Karla) Order # DFA 125 ca. 129 mins.
Chingachgook, the Great Snake (Chingachgook, die grosse Schlange) Order # DFA 33 ca. 86 mins.

Chronik der Wende:

Coming Out Order # DFA 39 $ 108 mins.
Council of the Gods (Der Rat der Goetter) Order # DFA 59 105 mins.
Der Dritte (Her Third) Order # DFA 68 ca. 107 min.
The Destinies of Women Order # DFA 152 105 min.
Ecke Schoenhauser (Berlin - Schoenhauser Corner) Order # DFA 97 ca. 81 min.
Einer trage des anderen Last (Bear Ye One Another's Burden) Order # DFA 40 ca. 113 in.
Ete und Ali (Ete and Ali) Order # DFA 134 ca. 92 min.
Figaros Hochzeit (The Marriage of Figaro) Order # DFA 71 ca. 101 min.
Fuenf Patronenhuelsen (Five Cartridges) Order # DFA 52 ca. 85 min.
Gegenbilder: DDR Underground Filme (GDR Underground Films) Order # DFA 148 ca. 90 min.
The Gleiwitz Case Order # DFA 151 DVD ca. 70 min.
Heisser Sommer (Hot Summer) Order # DFA 112 ca. 64 min.
Ich war neunzehn (I Was Nineteen) Order # DFA 42 ca. 115 min.
Jakob der Luegner (Jacob the Liar) Order # DFA 83 ca. 96 min.
Just Don't Think I'll Cry (Denk bloss nicht ich heule) Order # DFA 124 ca. 91 mins.
Kabale und Liebe (Intrigue and Love) Order # DFA 43 ca. 109 min.
Das Kaninchen bin ich (The Rabbit Is Me) Order # DFA 126 ca. 109 min.
Karbid und Sauerampfer (Carbide and Sorrel) Order # DFA 93 ca. 80 min.
Die Legende von Paul and Paula (The Legend of Paul and Paula) Order # DFA 135 DVD ca. 106 min.
Look At This City (Schaut auf diese Stadt) Order # DFA 129 ca. 86 min.
Die lustigen Weiber von Windsor (The Merry Wives of Windsor) Order # DFA 69 ca. 90 min.
Die Mauer (The Wall) Order # DFA 128 ca. 99 min.
Minna von Barnhelm oder Das Soldatenglueck (Minna von Barnhelm or The Soldier's Fortune) Order # DFA 44 ca. 103 min.
Die Moerder sind unter uns (The Murderers Are Among Us) Order # KOV 449 ca. 81 min.
Our Daily Bread (Unser taeglich Brot) Order # DFA 66 ca. 99 min.
Roman einer jungen Ehe (The Story of a Young Couple) Order # DFA 90 ca. 99 min.
Rotation Order # DFA 96 ca. 80 min.
Das singende, klingende Baeumchen (The Singing, Ringing Tree) Order # DFA 24 ca. 70 min.
Die Soehne der grossen Baerin (The Sons of Great Bear) Order # DFA 27 ca. 93 min.
Solo Sunny Order # DFA 41 ca. 102 min.
Somewhere in Berlin (Irgendwo in Berlin) Order # DFA 107 ca. 79 min.
Spur der Steine (Trace of Stones) Order # DFA 62 ca. 133 min.
Sun Seekers (Sonnensucher) Order # DFA 155 ca. 116 min.

That Was the GDR

Unterm Birnbaum (Under the Pear Tree) Order # DFA 58 ca. 86 min.
Der Untertan (The Kaiser's Lackey) Order # DFA 53 ca. 103 min.
Wozzek Order # DFA 67 ca. 94 min.
Zar und Zimmermann (Tzar and Carpenter) Order # DFA 70 ca. 97 min.

Fuer ausfuehrliche Beschreibung des Inhaltes und Preis bitte am Titel klicken.
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