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Welcome to the Only American Video Tape Store for rare German Movies and Old ZDF volksmusik shows.
Please note: All video tapes are in the American NTSC VHS video format
and will play on all VCR's in North America. We are closing out all of our VHS inventory. This will be your last chance to obtain these beautiful ZDF music videos and hundreds of classic German movies and heimatfilme. Due to the limited demand in the USA, most of these movies will unfortunately never be available on DVD in America.
Once our videos are gone, they're gone!!!
We have drastically reduced the prices on over 2000 video titles closeout. Make sure to buy these classics while supply lasts.
On all VHS clouseout prices we will send you a new or previously viewed tape.



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The following video titles are in 
German Language with English Subtitles.
They are all VHS in the in the U.S. system only.


A Letter to Mama (A Brivele Der Mamen) YL 884
Poland 1939, Yiddish lang. Subt. In Engl., 90 min. - A devout father immigrates to America while the mother struggles desperately to reunite her family. An old-fashioned melodrama fraught with poignancy. German language with English subtitles.


The Last Five Days (Fuenf Letzte Tage)FA 632
1982, ca. 112 min. - In 1943 a young woman, part of a group of students who formed a covert opposition group, the White Rose, was discovered by the Nazis and sentenced to death. The film explores her confinement, martyrdom, her heroism, and struggle against monumental darkness. With Lena Stolze and Irm Hermann. German language with English subtitles.
**No Longer Available**

Liebelei WN 55
1932, German language with English subtitles, b&w, 90 min. - Directed by Max Ophuels with Magda Schneider. One of the best and most popular of the pre-war German films, a tragic love story that established Ophuls' reputation. In turn-of-the-century gay Vienna, a young lieutenant's love for a musician's daughter leads inevitably to her tragic suicide. Liebelei was Ophuels' first major success. But as a Jew he was forced to flee Berlin the same day crowds flocked to his film. His name, along with that of the story's author, Arthur Schnitzler, was removed from the prints. Thirty-five years later, Liebelei was remade as Christine, with Romy Schneider in the role created by her mother in 1932. 
Note: Surviving subtitled prints of Liebelei are missing small bits of footage.
See also Liebelei Order # CH 662 without subtitels.


Ein Lied geht um die Welt (A Song Goes Round The World) CH 505
1934, b/w, English subtitles, ca. 90 min. - In this musical comedy, an unprepossessing Italian tenor flees unrequited love to devote himself to his singing career. Schmidt stars in this sentimental musical classic video set in beautiful Venice. Featuring Joseph Schmidt, Hans Charlotte Ander and Victor de Kowa. German language with English subtitles.


Lola Montez VFN 3664
1955, French/German, English subtitles, ca. 110 min. - Martine Carol, Peter Ustinov, Anton Walbrook. Story of the famous mistress of Franz Liszt and the king of Bavaria.


A Love in Germany RC 60471
1984, 107 min. - One woman's passion became the greatest act of courage in this powerfully moving film by Andrzej Wajda. A small German village during World War World War II is the setting for a tragic love affair between a German shopkeeper's wife (Hanna Schygulla) and a Polish prisoner-of-war. Rated R.  German language with English subtitles.


Lost Honor of Katharina Blum EB 4011
1975, 97 min. - A woman fights political and social injustice as her privacy and honor are destroyed by the police and yellow press. Based on the novel by Heinrich Boll. Rated R. German language with English subtitles. 



The Merchant of Four Seasons NYV 13690
1972, 88 min. - Starring Irm Hermann, Hanna Schygulla, Hans Hirschmuller, Karl Scheydt and Andrea Schober and directed By Rainer Werner Fassbinder. This film represents a climax in Fassbinder's prolific filmmaking career. Hans, a fruit peddler, watches his unexceptional life disintegrate. Seduced and rejected to the point of a nervous breakdown, Hans drinks himself to death as he toasts his loved ones at the dinner table. The story sounds like a slice-of-life gone slightly amok, but the treatment is everything: a virtuoso balance of soap opera, social comedy, irony, politics, farce and brilliant ensemble acting in which Fassbinder perfectly blended the audacious experimentalism of his early films with the assured naturalistic melodrama that marked much of his later work. It was one of several climaxes in an extraordinary career. German language with English subtitles.


Maedchen in Uniform EM 6093
1931, 87 min., b&w - Directed by Leontine Sagan. A sensitive young woman in an oppressive German boarding school forms a lesbian relationship with her teacher. Rated PG. German language with English subtitles.



A Man Like Eva CV 1007
1983, 92 min. - Dir. By Radu Gabrea with Eva Mattes, Lisa Kreyzer and Werner Stocker. Music by Verdi sung by Maria Callas. In no way a biographical film or a parody, but a seriously daring contemplation of the career of one of the most gifted, most troubling and most original film makers of his time. German language with English subtitles


Marianne & Juliane FA 504
1981, ca. 103 min. - A moving, masterful combination of personal and political history, this is the story of two sisters caught up in the turmoil of the 1970s. Raised in the conformist 1950s, they both rebel against their conservative upbringing. Juliane works to reform the system as a feminist journalist, while Marianne commits herself to violent revolution, joining a notorious terrorist group. When Marianne is arrested, Juliane discovers that although she rejected Marianne's radicalism, she cannot shake the unbreakable bonds that tie her to her doomed sister. An incisive portrait of two sisters entangled in the desperate politics of a chaotic era. Written and directed by Margarethe von Trotta. Starring Barbara Sukowa, Jutta Lampe, Ruediger Vogler. German language with English subtitles.
**No Longer Available**

Marx & Coca Cola PK 333
ca. 120 min. - Marx and Coca Cola reveals the heartaches and triumphs of reunification of Germany after the fall of the Berlin Wall. When he has car trouble in a thundering rainstorm, Hamburg real estate developer Martin Barwald tries to take refuge at the Mecklenburg farm of Anna Endrich, a former dyed-in-the-wool local communist youth leader. When he is trying to seek her help, she is stand-offish and sarcastic. Her attitude and display of belligerence and mistrust leaves him flabbergasted. After all, doesn't everyone know that everything to do with the West is superior - now that Germany is not divided anymore. For the next few months, they share a bumpy road as they both discover ideologies don't crumple as easily as walls. A beautifully emotional and touching love story. German language with English subtitles.


Makin' Up WN 671
1993, 68 min. - Lots of mix-ups occur with narcissistic hunk Rene and jokester Mark. Includes short film "THE MOST BEAUTIFUL BREASTS IN THE WORLD." Adults only.
Katja von Garnier's hip, MTV styled comedy tells us the story of a harried cartoonist, Frenzy, who relies on her friend Maischa's love life for inspiration for her work. Maischa hasn't been dating much so both women are in a slump. The solution: helping Maischa snag a date with a very handsome guy, has only one drawback - he has a friend visiting from out of town, who will need a date too.... Frenzy. German language with English subtitles.


Malou EM 1927
Drama, 1983, ca. 94 min., color - The story of two women: Malou - long dead, a French woman married to a German Jew during Hitler's reign, and her daughter Hannah - intent on putting together the puzzle of her mother's difficult and transitory life. Hannah's need to find herself creates an obsession with the past - she desperately want to resurrect her crumbling marriage and avoid the terrible mistakes that ruined her mother. But the truth of her mother's existence contradicts the fantasy of the mother's tales, making her journey all the more difficult. Evolving through a rich flashback structure, Malou finely blends the past with the present, drawing out the ambiguity and mystery of two very complex women. Written and directed by Jeanine Meerapfel. Starring Ingrid Caven, Helmut Griem, Grischa Huber and Ivan Desny. German language with English subtitles.


Men (Maenner) NYV 52194
Comedy, ca. 96 min. - A screwball romantic comedy by Doris Doerrie. Winner of 4 German Oscars. Julius Armbrust, a successful young executive, has been cheating on his wife Paula for years. But when he discovers on his birthday that she's got a lover of her own - a bohemian artist named Stefan - his ego is shattered. He starts to spy on Paula and Stefan, and then, carrying his jealousy to lunatic extremes, Julius takes a leave from his job, goes undercover, and moves into his wife's lover's house. With a keen ear and a playful, satiric eye, director Doris Doerrie reinvents the screwball romantic comedy. German language with English subtitles.


Menschenfrauen FV 110
Austria (1980), subtitles, 100 min., color - Valie Export's daring film about relationships focuses on a journal and the four women in his life, who eventually catch on and make some effort toward Independence. Produced and directed by Valie Export. With Renee Felden, Maria Martina, Susanne Widl, Klaus Wildbolz, Christiane von Aster. German language with English subtitles.


Mein KriegFA 859
1991, color and b&w, ca. 90 min. -Carrying home-movie cameras through training, combat and a devastated Byelorussia, these six Wehrmacht infantrymen created profoundly moving documents of the horrors of war and captured the odd moments of haunting beauty and human intimacy that occasionally rose from this 20th-century Armageddon. This remarkably well-preserved footage - much of it in sharp and vibrant color, offers a soldier's eye view of the day-to-day workings of the Nazi war machine as it advanced into Russia during 1942. The only narrative voices are those of the soldiers who, fifty years later, recall the transgressions of their youths, recount the social pressures that coerced them into military services and reflect the emotional repercussions they have experienced in the decades that followed. By endowing fascism at its most extreme with a human face, Mein Krieg helps us better understand how the unthinkable was able to occur, and serves as an eerie reminder of how tenuous is the division between patriotic extremism and regimented barbarity. German language with English subtitles.



My Song Goes Round The World - Ein Lied geht um die Welt OL 309
1934, subt., in Engl., ca 70 min. - This is one of the most requested old b&w films. Enjoy !!


M OL 312
1931, Not Rated, ca. 96 min., b&w - Peter Lorre, in perhaps his greatest role, portrays a degenerated child-killer whose lunatic cunning frustrates all efforts to find him. A masterpiece of horror and suspense. Based on the grisly exploits of the Duesseldorf child-murderer, Peter Kurten, Fritz Lang's most famous film is a brilliant study of the psychopathic child murderer who is hunted by the criminal underworld as well as by the police. Lang uses sound for the first time, adding intensity to the powerful expression of the torment of a suffering human being who cannot help himself. As a social criticism, M stabbed deep into the German conscience. Murderer Peter Lorre is portrayed as a victim of a kangaroo court-a chilling paradigm for the individual's fate at the hands of Nazi strong-arm tactics. Lorre is astounding in the role that launched his career and M remains one of the greatest suspense thrillers ever made. German language with English subtitles.


Mother Kuesters Goes To Heaven NYV 21392
1975, 108 min. - A major Fassbinder film. Mother Kuester finds herself suddenly widowed. Her husband was factory worker who one day goes berserk, killing the boss's son and then throwing himself into the machinery. Thus begins a modern tragedy. Trying to clear her husband's name, the murderer's widow sets out on a journey through some of the more ludicrous arenas of yellow journalism and left-wing politics. The film is both a moving depiction of a woman's achievement of grace and an unsparing portrait of a modern world - the world of terrorist bombings, political corruption and serial murderers - where it is often hard to draw the line between journalism, show business, crime and politics. Starring Brigitte Mira, Ingrid Caven, Armin Meier, Irm Hermann, u.a. German language with English subtitles.


Maybe... Maybe not (also "Der Bewegte Mann") FA 615
ca. 93 min. - A hilarious look at mistaken sexual identity, Maybe...Maybe Not deftly explores the comic possibilities of what happens when two gender worlds clash. The story revolves around the handsome main character Axel, an open-minded heterosexual whose girlfriend, Doro, has just thrown him out for cheating on her. The only place he can find to sleep is at the apartment of Norbert, a gay acquaintance who would like nothing better than to seduce Axel. Doro announces that she is pregnant, then finds Axel and Norbert in a compromising position and decides her lover is gay. In the comedy of errors that follows, everything Axel does to win Doro back goes hilariously wrong. Will Axel's life ever be normal again? Maybe...Maybe Not. German language with English subtitles.


Mozart: A Childhood Chronicle KIN 10012
1976, 224 min., b&w, on two tapes - The development of the young composer from the age of seven to twenty, told through the letters of Mozart, his music, and on location filming where he lived. German language with English subtitles.With: Pavlos Bekiaris, Marianne Lowitz and Karl-Maria Schley. Directed by Klaus Kirschner.


Murderers Are Among Us (Die Moerderer sind unter uns) KOV 449
1946, b&w, ca. 84 min. - In the aftermath of World War II, Susanne Wallner (Hildegard Knef) returns from a concentration camp to find that her apartment is occupied by Dr. Martens (Ernst Wilhelm Borchert), a former officer in the German army who has been severely traumatized by the atrocities perpetrated by his superiors. The unlikely pair form a delicate friendship as they struggle to restore some normalcy to their hellishly bleak existence. By chance Martens one day encounters Bruckner, his former Nazi commander who has not only readjusted to civilian life but seems to have economically benefited from his wartime command. To Martens, the man becomes the embodiment of war's horrors and, with pistol in pocket, the weary doctor sets off in search of Herrn Bruckner in a desperate attempt to exorcise the demon of fascism from Germany. Directed by Wolfgang Staudte. German la nguage with English subtitles.


The Mystery Of Kaspar Hauser NY 14594
also known and same as  Every Man for Himself and God Against All
1975, 110 min. - Directed by Werner Herzog. A young man in 1828, who has been isolated from the world in a dark cellar since birth, appears in a German town. This fascinating film will haunt the memory! One day, out of nowhere a young man named Kaspar Hauser appears in the town square of Nuremberg. He cannot speak or stand upright. Held prisoner in a dungeon for the first 18 years of his life, he seem barely human. Based on a true story, Werner Herzog's unforgettable 'The Mystery of Kaspar Hauser' is a classic of the New German Cinema and features an astounding performance by Bruno S. As Kaspar. Also starring Walter Ladengast and Brigitte Mira. German language with English subtitles.



The Nasty Girl HB 90621
1991, English subtitles presented in letter box format, 94 min. -When she investigates the secret past of her town, Sonja uncovers more that she expected... and more than the townspeople want revealed. Before she knows she is nicknamed "then nasty girl" and her trouble really starts. A provocative comedy and based on a true story about secrets and surprises featuring an outstanding performance by Lena Stolze. Rated. R.


Nekromantik 1 NE 1
Horror, ca. 75 min. - Directed by Jorg Buttgereit and starring Daktari Lorenz. Death is just the beginning in this widely acclaimed German Underground film. "Its ultra-realism is beyond anything being served up on the U.S. screens today and it wades through every manner of depravity to arrive at its razor-edged conclusion. "WARNING: THIS VIDEO IS FOR ADULTS ONLY - IT CONTAINS VIOLENCE AND PERVERTED DRAMATICS. German language with English subtitles.


Nekromantik 2 NE 2
Horror, ca. 100 min. - Directed by Jorg Buttgereit. A German Underground film whose original print was unceremoniously confiscated by a Munich district attorney from the projection room during its primary screening. WARNING: THIS VIDEO IS FOR ADULTS ONLY - IT CONTAINS VIOLENCE AND PERVERTED DRAMATICS. German language with English subtitles.


Nosferatu the Vampyre FA 6377
1979, ca 107 min. - Herzog's terrific remake of Murnau's 1922 silent film original stars Klaus Kinski as the title character and Isabelle Adjani as Lucy Parker. German language with English subtitles.




The Old and the Young King FA 124
1935, ca. 88 min. - Emil Jannings stars in this elaborate historical drama about the conflict between Frederick William I of Prussia, whose only love is for his army and his young and brilliant son, Frederick the Great. German language with English subtitles.
**no longer available**

done 11/11


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