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Welcome to the Only American Video Tape Store for rare German Movies and Old ZDF volksmusik shows.
Please note: All video tapes are in the American NTSC VHS video format
and will play on all VCR's in North America. We are closing out all of our VHS inventory. This will be your last chance to obtain these beautiful ZDF music videos and hundreds of classic German movies and heimatfilme. Due to the limited demand in the USA, most of these movies will unfortunately never be available on DVD in America.
Once our videos are gone, they're gone!!!
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The following video titles are in 
German Language with English Subtitles.
They are all VHS video tapes in the U.S. system only.

DVD 08/15 BB 950 DVD
Based upon the celebrated novels by Hans Helmut Kirst, the 08/15 film trilogy marks a touchstone in post-German culture. A corrosively satiric look at German army life - the title comes from a notoriously malfunctioning gun type, the 08/15 which became a popular shorthand among soldier for everything wrong with the military - the films depict the life and times of lance corporal Asch, a model soldier constantly out of step with his overbearing superiors. This was Germany's biggest movie hit in the 50's. German language with English subtitles

DVD 08/15 Part One
1954, b/w, ca. 96 min. German dialogue, English subtitles - Part I takes us into German barracks life on the eve of World War II. Asch, pushed into open rebellion when a cruel officer drives a fellow soldier to the brink of suicide, wages a battle of wits with his superiors. Asch survives this round, prompting an investigation into barracks ocnditions his hard-won victory is overshadowed by pmpending war.

DVD 08/15 Part Two
1955 - Ordinary army life goes on at the front, as it did in the training unit at home. While a new commander takes over the unit and causes a lot of confusion through giving senseless orders, our guys are battling at the Russian front and trying to do something about the army spirit.

DVD 08/15 Part Three
In the Heimat (Go Home)
1955 - The last days of W.W.II, the heads of the army have left the fighting troops. They are already having their soup in the communication zone or at home. Asch is on the trail of two SS men who dressed up as Wehrmacht officers, trying to secure their stolen goods by murdering others.
**No Longer Available**


Alice in the Cities(Rare Wim Wender film)PA 663
1974, 110 min., b&w, German language with English subtitles - A thirty-one year old journalist on the road from the United States to Europe suddenly finds himself with a new traveling companion: a precocious nine-year-old girl who has been abandoned by her mother in Wim Wender's eccentric tragicomedy. $79.00


Other Wim Wender films:

The Goalies Anxiety PA 664
The State of Things PA 662
The Scarlet Letter PA 665
Wrong Move PA 669
Alice in the City PA 663
Kings of the Road PA 671

The American Soldier NY 19192
1970, 80 min. - Starring Karl Scheydt, Dir. By Rainer Werner Fassbinder. Fassbinder's version of the Hollywood gangster film pays homage to movie greats Humphrey Bogart, Sam Fuller and Orson Welles to name a few. The story centers on Ricky, a charismatic hit man who always wears a gun bulging from his shoulder holster, sports a fedora hat and white double-breasted suit, and drinks Ballantine Scotch straight from the bottle. Recently returned from Vietnamized America, Ricky carries out his assigned murders without knowledge or emotion. The amazing final shoot-out is probably the most startling of Fassbinder's patented offbeat endings. German language with English subtitles. $78.95


Aguirre: The Wrath of God AA 119
1972, 94 min. - "One of the great, mad, passionate, foolhardy masterpieces - as reckless and Shot on location in the Amazon, Klaus Kinski is Aguirre searching for El Dorado - the mystical City of Gold. Weighed down by heavy suits of armor, the men set off down the river on flimsy rafts hoping to make the journey to El Dorado in seven days - but from the start of the journey they fund into problems. With nothing to fear but himself, Aguirre manages to cause a rebellion within the group and kill the leader, Don Pedro de Ursua. He then elects a fat puppet, who he can manipulate and control to lead the group. Plagued by disaster, the group struggles to survive the numerous problems they encounter. Directed by Werner Herzog. German language with English subtitles. $58.95


Andre Rieu - From Holland With Love (Music Entertainment Show) FA 880
ca. 65 min. - Andre Rieu is a child of a large and influential musical family. His father was a conductor and nearly all of his brothers and sisters are talented instrumentalists. Andre Rieu grew up surrounded by classical music. With English subtitles.
**No Longer Available**

Andre Rieu - Waltzes From My Heart (Music Entertainment Show) FA 770
ca. 75 min. - After the overwhelming success of Andre Rieu's first program From Holland with Love, Waltzes I've Saved For You, the "Waltz King" continues his success story with stirring waltzes: Voices of Spring.
**No Longer Available**

The All-Round Reduced Personality FA 599
1977, b/w, ca. 98 min. - A wryly funny but serious commentary on contemporary life, a charming, amusing and often moving portrayal of one woman's struggle in a hostile environment. Sander, a leading figure of the women's movement in Germany is the film's writer, director and star. In the role of Edda, Sander has a hard time making ends meet to support herself and her daughter, and is forced to photograph boring functions while really wanting to take socially significant pictures. As she struggles to realize herself as an artist and as a woman, Sander bravely portrays Edda as an individual straddling multiple worlds - work, womanhood, motherhood, East, West, capitalism and socialism. $58.95


Anita, Dances of Vice FRP 1001
1987, 85 min. - Directed by Rosa Von Praunheim with Lotti Huber, Ina Blum, Mikhael Honesseau. Lotti Huber stars as the reincarnation of Anita Berber, the notorious "naked dancer" of Weimar Berlin. Berber becomes alive in the visions of an old woman who claims to be Anita. Anita Berber preferred Vice, Horror and Ecstasy as the subjects of her performances, and flaunted her bisexuality and abuse of drugs. She died of tuberculosis in 1928. In von Praunheim's film the Silent Expressionist Era comes alive through the visions of an old woman who claims to be Anita. Committed to a psychiatric hospital, she relives the wild, short life of Anita, a life which makes Sally Bowles look like Doris Day. $48.95


Angst isst die Seele auf (Ali: Fear Eats The Soul) NY 16790
1974, Drama, 94 min. - For one of his most moving and unforgettable films Director Fassbinder drew on the formulas of the classic American tear jerker to tell the outrageous and touching story of a bumpy love affair between a German floor washer and an inarticulate Arab mechanic. Fassbinder, with his warm humanism and cool irony, turns this premise into an emotional romance, a perverse social comedy and a biting drama. It is one of his most beautiful films. Starring Brigitte Mira, El Hedi Ben Salem, Barbara Valentin, Irm Hermann, Rainer Werner Fassbinder. For Adults. German language with English subtitles. $78.95


All of Me FA 867
1990, ca. 76 min. - Georgette Dee as Orlanda, a transvestite performer in the German Kleinkunst tradition of the twenties and thirties. Orlanda specializes in American torch songs, among them "All of Me." On a concert tour to Warsaw, which doubles as a honeymoon, he/she and his/her wife, Elisabeth, both fall in love with a charming young Polish man...


The American Friend PA 550
U.S.A. (1977), 127 min. - Directed by Wim Wenders with Dennis Hopper and Bruno Ganz. A stylish thriller in New York and Hamburg telling of the encounters between American con artist and a German craftsman. The American Friend, starring Dennis Hopper in both a witty, enormously stylish homage to the American thriller a la Samuel Fuller and Alfred Hitchcock and a gripping psychological chiller in its own right. (Newsweek). $58.95


A Man Like Eva CV 1007
1983, 92 min. - Dir. By Radu Gabrea with Eva Mattes, Lisa Kreyzer and Werner Stocker. Music by Verdi sung by Maria Callas. In no way a biographical film or a parody, but a seriously daring contemplation of the career of one of the most gifted, most troubling and most original film makers of his time. German language with English subtitles


A Virus Knows No Morals FRP 1002
1985, 82 min. - Rosa von Praunheim, Dieter Dicken, Maria Hasenaecker. A black comedy filled with everyone's worst fears and a savagely funny burlesque on the AIDS crisis. Nurses on the night shift roll dice to see which AIDS patient will die next. The owner of a gay bathhouse gets Kaposi's Sarcoma but tries to keep his mind on profits. An epidemic victim is harassed by a reporter on his death bed - he sticks her with a contaminated syringe. The government opens a quarantine called Hell Gay Land. Gay terrorists kidnap the Minister of Health. A black comedy fill with everybody's worst fears, A Virus Knows no Morals is Praunheim's most controversial film to date: a savagely funny burlesque on the AIDS crisis. German language with English subtitles.


Angry Harvest EA 8602
1986, 102 min. - Directed by Agnieszka. A wartime story that is both a character study and a mesmerizing cat and mouse game between a Polish Catholic farmer and a Jewish woman who has escaped a train bound for a Nazi death camp. Oscar nominee for Best Foreign Film. $68.95



Beware of a Holy Whore FO 205
Drama, Not rated, 103 min. - Featuring Fassbinder's most brilliant repertory cast: Hanna Schygulla & Eddie Constantine. Music by Leonard Cohen and Elvis Presley. Beware of a Holy Whore chronicles the experiences of a film cast and crew stranded in a luxury seaside hotel. They are stalled by every conceivable production problem, the star thinks his part is too brutal, the producer has run out of money and the director hasn't shown up yet. When the tyrannical director (Lou Castel) finally arrives, he makes life a living hell for everyone involved on the shoot. The group is left to petty bickering, attempts at amusement and desperate contacts to make it through the filming of the movie.


Baron Muenchhausen KV 3142DVD
1943, 110 min., color. - This super spectacle features numerous Ufa stars, impressive trick photography and a screenplay written by Erich Kaestner under a pseudonym. Set mostly in the 18th Century, it tells of the legendary Baron von Muenchhausen, including his finding the secret of eternal youth, riding a cannonball shot into a Turkish encampment and flying to the moon. Directed by Josef von Baky and featuring Hans Albers, Brigitte Horney, Gustav Waldau and Ilse Werner. German language with English subtitles.


The Bitter Tears of Petra von KantNY 18791
1972, 124 min. - One of Fassbinder's most controversial films reaches new levels of stylization, outrageousness and surprise. The story deals with the shifting power relationships among three women: a successful fashion designer, her contented assistant and a sultry model. Accompanied by the music of Verdi and The Platters, dressed in an incredible mélange of glitter and Cecil B. DeMille, these women act out a supercharged melodrama of passion. Starring Margit Carstensen, Irm Hermann, Hanna Schygulla and Eva Mattes. German language with English subtitles.


Black and White as Day and Night FA 194
1963, ca. 103 min. - A man obsessed devotes himself to computers when he fails at chess. When the machine he works on loses, he becomes determined to beat the offending world chess champion himself. German language with English subtitles.


The Blue Angel OL 310
1930, 94 min. - Dir. By Josef Von Sternberg with Marlene Dietrich, Emil Jannings and Hans Albers. Dietrich is the heartless cafe entertainer who captivates and eventually degrades middle-aged professor, Jannings, who is prudishly indignant about his students' visits to the Blue Angel to see singer Lola Lola (Dietrich). He goes to the cafe to put a stop to it and instead is smitten by Lola's beauty, eventually becoming a virtual slave to her desires. One of the true classics of German cinema. German language with English subtitles.


The Blue Light OL 307
1932, 70 min., b&w - Gold Medal Venice Biennale, the first feature written, produced directed and starred in by Leni Riefenstahl. A love story/fantasy set in a mountain village and considered a landmark of cinema. German language with English subtitles.


The Blum Affair OL 1002
1948, ca. 90 min., b&w - Based on a real case in Magdeburg during the Weimar Republic. The Jewish manufacturer Jacob Blum is framed for the murder of his accountant due to the accusations of Gabler, a thief and dealer of stolen goods. Anti-Semite prosecutors accept these accusations. Even with evidence indicating that the crime was committed by Gabler, the prosecutors refuse to change their stance. Blum's only hope is commissar in Berlin, who takes over the investigation and finds the real murderer. The Magdeburg Court reluctantly accepts the results of Bonte's investigation, but they deny their own scandalous behavior. German language with English subtitles. Directed by Erich Engel. With Hans C. Blech, Gisela Trowe, Arno Paulsen, Maly Delschaft, u.v.a.


The Boat is FullEB 1961
Switzerland, 1981, 104 min. - A conflict of country versus conscience is at the heart of this haunting film. It is the summer of 1942 and the Swiss government, alarmed at the vast numbers of people fleeing Nazi Germany, has set up immigration policies so stringent that they have declared the country "a full lifeboat." But when a Swiss innkeeper's wife finds a group of refugees, an old man and his granddaughter, a young woman and her brother, a Nazi deserter and an abandoned French child, hiding on her property, she looks the other way and takes them in. As frightened as she is of the consequences of her action, she feels there is no choice. (Her husband violently disagrees.) When the local authorities are alerted, the woman, her husband and the townspeople have a decision to make. Will they ignore the callous policies of their government and the threats of local Nazi sympathizers and save the refugees? Starring Tina Engel, Curt Bois, Renate Steiger, Mathias Gnadinger, Gerd David u.v.a. German language with English subtitles.
**No Longer Available**

BrainwashedBB 929
b&w, ca. 127 min. - Also known as Schachnovelle and based on Stefan Zweig's novel The Royal Game, this fascinating psychological drama stars Curd Juergens as Werner von Basil, an Austrian aristocrat captured by the Nazis during their takeover and thrown into solitary confinement. Once there, he is manipulated and interrogated in an effort to force him to reveal secret military information vital to his captors. Struggling to keep his sanity, he fights back with the only means available to him - a book on chess hidden in his cell. This stylish and visually stunning movie also stars Claire Bloom and is directed by Gerd Oswald. German language with English subtitles.


Brother of Sleep CT 9383
1997, ca. 133 min. - From the moment of his birth, Elias Alder possessed a supernatural talent for music. But is it the voice of God which speaks through Elias, or a gift of the devil? Based on the international bestseller, Brother of Sleep is the strange and provocative story of a musical genius born into a town that regards him with suspicion and hatred. Driven by his gift for music and his forbidden love of a village girl, Elias is forced into a tragic choice that leads to violence and ultimately redemption. Filled with unforgettable imagery and a soaring musical score. Starring Andre Eisermann, Dana Vavrova, Ben Becker. German language with English subtitles.


Der Zerbrochene Krug/The Broken Jug DT 320
1935, 100 min., b&w - German with English subtitles, with A. Jennings.


Die Bruecke (The Bridge) CH 512 DVD
1959, 102 min., b&w - In 1945 seven German schoolboys defend an insignificant bridge from an American attack. This is the film you have been waiting for. Award winning video you must see! In one of the most viciously realistic war films ever made, the Bridge, takes you to a time and place that no longer exists... Germany, 1945, in the final hours of the war. As the war rages to its better climax, eight sixteen-year-old German schoolboys are drafted into the Wehrmacht as a last resort to defend a bridge to their town. With patriotic enthusiasm, the boys struggle bravely, but futilely, to carry out their orders against advancing American troops and tanks. Bernhard Wicki directed this brutally cool and realistic true account that quickly won wide acclaim - an Academy Award nomination for Best Foreign Language Film and a golden Globe Award, as well as many International film Awards. German language with English subtitles. DVD version has both subtitled and English dubbed version.


The Burning Moon DA 1117
98 min. - Horror film. No matter what you've seen before, you've never seen anything like this!!! The original uncut uncensored version. We find Peter in a frenzied fantasy of unspeakable carnage. So consumed is he, in his grim orgy of torture and blood-letting, that he is compelled to share his visions. Peter shows quite a "gift" for visualizing each of his hideous hallucinations for his sister, in a vile collection of "Bedtime stories". From the pervert who rapes, murders and sacrifices the young women he hunts in the night to the ghoulish mass murderer who delights in butchering an entire family, leaving his very "special signature" on each victim. Adults only!!


The Blue Hour FA 446
1991, Unrated, Adult, ca. 87 min. - Theo, a hip young, Berlin callboy lives his life alone. In the hotel room he takes his shower and his money. Business is good, so good he can pick and choose his clients. Marie lives next-door with her boyfriend, the writer Paul. She works at a record store to support them both, but it is not enough. Frustrated, one day Paul decides to leave. Marie is shattered, retreating behind her door, into the darkness of her apartment. Soon, Theo knocks on the door and light slowly seeps back into Marie's life. Slowly, both find that love is possible in the most improbable of places. But just when it seems that all the barriers have come down, Paul comes back, and the door that had opened just a crack, closes once again. Directed by Marcela Gisler. Starring: Andreas Herder, Dina Leipzig, and Cristof Krix. For adults only.



Celeste NY 35191
1981, 107 min. - Marcel Proust, the celebrated author of Remembrance Of Things Past is seen through the young eyes of Celeste Albaret who, for nine years before the writer's death, was his cook, companion, secretary, friend and surrogate mother. German language with English subtitles.


Charm of La BohemeOL 330
1938, 93 min. - Directed by Geza Von Bolvary with Jan Kiepura and Martha Eggerth. A tender, enchanting film, with Europe's most popular singing couple to sing its loveliest arias, but beyond that it has strength of its own in the gift of weaving Pucini singers, cast and sub-plot into a sad, sweet romance in what must be called one of the most impressive of film operas. The Charm of La Boheme is perhaps the rarest film Thunderbird has yet made available.
**No Longer Available**

The Confessions of Felix Krull DT 305
1957, 105 min., b&w - With Host Buchholz. A charming but devious con-artist quickly rises in rank as a Parisian hotel employee in this rare adaptation of the Thomas Mann novella. (Quality: FAIR)


Congress Dances HT 50
1931, 93 min. - A delightful comedy set during the 1815 Congress in Vienna. Lilian Harvey plays an ambitious glove seamstress who sees the potential for financial and romantic opportunity the Congress provides, and subsequently creates havoc in her efforts to make contact with nobility. She throws a bouquet of flowers with her address into the parade of dignitaries entering the city. When the Tsar of Russia visits her, they fall in love. Congress Dances was banned by Nazi censors, not due to political content, but rather because many members of the production crew were Jewish. The film is a stunning example of the German's prowess it the new medium of sound filmmaking. The production is stunning, incorporating beautiful art direction, editing, costuming, a droll script, and finally directed performances. Unfortunately, the Nazi inquisition prevented Congress Dances from becoming a hallmark of the German cinema. (Quality: Fair).


Coup De Grace VC 3030
1977, 95 min. - Dir. Volker Schlondorff. Near the end of World War I, a young officer returns to his boyhood home and rejoins two friends. In the barracks-like existence the war has forced upon them, a strange and anguished intimacy develops. 


Chinese Roulette WN 400
1976, 96 min. - A wealthy German businessman pretends to go on a business trip but instead heads for his country estate with his French mistress, where he runs into his wife and her own lover. When the couple's paraplegic teenage daughter arrives with her mute governess, the sophisticated quartet's sleeping arrangements are disrupted. The daughter angrily confronts them with their hypocrisy and compels everyone, including the conniving housekeeper and her duplicitous son, to play the title game of rigorous truth-telling, revealing the latent hatreds within the family and culminating in a shocking climax. Starring Anna Karina, Margit Carstensen, Ulli Lommel and Brigitte Mira. Dir. Rainer Werner Fassbinder.


Cobra Verde SV 57
ca. 110 min. - Based on the novel "The Viceroy of Quidah" by Bruce Chatwin. In their final collaboration, Werner Herzog directs Klaus Kinski in the remarkable tale of Francisco Manoel da Silva, the flamboyant 19th century Brazilian bandit known as "Cobra Verde." When the owner of a sugar plantation unknowingly hires the barefoot, gun-toting thief to keep his slaves in check, he gets more than he bargained for as Cobra Verde, in sort order, impregnates all of his boss's daughters. In revenge, he is sent on an impossible and deadly mission to sail to the West Coast of Africa and re-open the slave trade. Not only does Cobra Verde succeed at this, he goes on to lead an unstoppable army of women in a savage war against the local king.


Colonel Redl PA 658
1984, Drama, 144 min. - The story of Alfred Redl, the head of the military intelligence and commander of the 8th Army in Prague. The drama vividly recreates Redl's life from his childhood military school to his mysterious end amidst rumors of deceit and adultery. Klaus Maria Brandauer stars. German language with English subtitles.


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