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Welcome to the Only American Video Tape Store for rare German Movies and Old ZDF volksmusik shows.
Please note: All video tapes are in the American NTSC VHS video format
and will play on all VCR's in North America. We are closing out all of our VHS inventory. This will be your last chance to obtain these beautiful ZDF music videos and hundreds of classic German movies and heimatfilme. Due to the limited demand in the USA, most of these movies will unfortunately never be available on DVD in America.
Once our videos are gone, they're gone!!!
We have drastically reduced the prices on over 2000 video titles closeout. Make sure to buy these classics while supply lasts.
On all VHS clouseout prices we will send you a new or previously viewed tape.



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Here are some of our extensive listings of beautiful and classic German
films from the last 70 years. Prices listed are the retail prices.
Remember all videos are in the American NTSC-System
and in German language only.

Please note: most of our old classic video titles starting with
Order # IH, HF, CH or EVD will be discontinued; and will be no longer
be available for sale in the US once our limited inventory is depleted. We are not able to reorder any of those films.
Order now while they are still available. Some films might be still listed even though they are not any longer available.

Alle Videofilme auf dieser Seite sind in deutscher Sprache ohne Untertitel.



Der Fall Deruga (1938)#EVD 1254
Krimi, b/w - Willy Birgel, Geraldine Katt. Die Sache scheint klar: Dr. Deruga hat seine Frau aus Habgier vergiftet. Nur seine Nichte glaubt an seine Unschuld und ermittelt auf eigene Faust... Sold Out. Rent.


Familie Schimek #EVD 1063
b/w, The atmosphere of the old Berlin, 1908, comes to life in this story about a typical Berlin family. Hans Moser, Grethe Weiser and many others star in this entertaining movie. Discontinued - Order now while supply lasts.


Fasching (1939)#EVD 1251
90 min., Liebeskomoedie, b/w - Karin Hardt, Hans Nielsen. Im Zug nach Muenchen verlieben sich zwei und verabreden ein Wiedersehen; beide haben nicht mit dem Trubel de Faschings gerechnet; flott inszenierte Unterhaltung.


Die Freunde Meiner Frau #FD 2051
b/w, 1949, ca. 85 min. - An accountant is boringly correct at all times. Until a neighbor invites him to a bar and cabaret. Worried that their father might be led astray, his children try to bring him back to his senses, until his wife returns from vacation. Ein Wiedersehen with Sonja Ziemann, Carl Heinz Schroth, Grethe Weiser.


Der Frontgockel #FD 20034
b/w, 1952, ca. 95 in. - A charming comedy set in France during world War II. Beppo Brem, Klaus Havenstein, Harald Juhnke. A rooster named Kasimir enjoys special status with the German Luftwaffe, since fighter-pilot ace von Flitsch refuses to fly without his mascot. With the disappearance of Kasimir, the whole company is plunged into turmoil Oberstleutnant von Flitsch, Staffel-As der deutschen Luftwaffe fliegt keinen Einsatz ohne sein Maskottchen, den Gockel Kasimir. Kein Wunder also das Kasimir in der Kompanie einen Ehrenstatus geniesst.


Der Florentiner Hut  #CH 628
b/w, 1939, ca. 88 min. - In this farcical comedy a man searches desperately for a woman's hat on his wedding day, throwing his guests and himself into an uproar. With Heinz Ruehmann, Herti Kirchner.


Ferien vom ich EVD 1277
German Classic, 1947 - Komoedie mit Willy Fritsch, Rudolf Prack, Marianne Hold


Der Feuerteufel #IH 356
b/w, 1940, ca. 98 min. - Drama, Directed by Luis Trenker with Maria Holzmeister and Bertl Schultes. Historical drama about Prussian and Austrian soldiers who fight against Napoleon. In the mountains of Corinthia, a wood cutter from Kaernten becomes a freedom fighter and battles the French Army and the hatred of his compatriots. This film, written by, directed by, and starring Luis Trenker, was his last third Reich directorial assignment because Propaganda Minister Goebbels was displeased with its possibly subversive political message. Co-starring Judith Maria Holzmeister and Fritz Kampers.


Die Feuerzangenbowle  #TA 15
b/w, 1944, ca. 97 min. - Heinz Ruehmann stars in this wonderful comedy based on Heinrich Spoerls' famous novel. Hans Pfeiffer, a young and already famous novelist from Berlin, was educated by a private tutor and has no idea about the pranks and fun of going to a real school. Then a wonderful idea is born over a "Feuerzangenbowle". He pretends to be eighteen again, moves to a small town to finish high school where he meets all sorts of oddball professors and small town characters, falls in love with the principal's daughter and gets to experience what he had missed. This film is pure enjoyment!

Das Floetenkonzert von Sans Souci  #HF 324
b/w, 1930, ca. 80 min. - Drama, Frederick the Great Orders the pre-emptive military attack that begins the Seven Years' War. Featuring Otto Gebuehr, Hans Ruehmann in Das Floetenkonzert von Sans Souci (The Flute Concert at Sans Souci) At his palace, Sans Souci, Frederick the Great saves the marriage of one of his officers, plays in a concert, and orders the pre-emptive military attack that begins the Seven Years' War. When this film opened, German Leftists demonstrated against its glorification of a patriarchal, all-knowing ruler. Directed by Gustav Ucicky; featuring Otto Gebuehr, Hans Ruehmann, and Renate Mueller.


Flucht in die Dolomiten  #RP 2004
b/w, 1955, ca. 78 min. - Drama. Luis Trenker and Marianne Holt star in this drama about Giovanni, a family man who is under suspicion of having killed his brother. He flees his homeland to work at a construction site high up in the Dolomite Mountains. His tribulations end when he returns home and learns that he has been cleared of the murder charges. Wide screen format: Black bands at the top and bottom of the screen are normal! 


FP-1 Antwortet Nicht (FP-1 Doesn't Answer) #LSC 101
1932, b&w, ca. 113 min. - An engineer creates a floating airport in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, and he and his pilot friend save it from saboteurs. The film makers took ten weeks to build the miniature of the airport on a Baltic island (the Greifswalder Oie), showing here as in other respects great technical care. This very successful film was also released in English and French versions starring respectively Conrad Veidt and Charles Boyer. Directed by Karl Hartl; music by Allan Gray and Hans-Otto Borgmann; based on the novel of the same name by Kurt Siodmak; featuring Hans Albers, Sybille Schmitz, Paul Hartmann, and Peter Lorre.


Film ohne Titel  #EVD 1106
1947, ca. 90 min. - Romantic love film. With Hans Soehnker, Hildegard Knef, Irene v. Meyendorff, Erich Pont, Carl Voscherau, Carsta Loeck. Discontinued. Out of print.


Die Frau am Scheidewege  #EVD 1075
b/w, 1938, ca. 80 min. - A lady doctor marries a painter. Maybe her sister would have been more suited to his easy going artistic temperament. With Magda Schneider, Hans Soehnker, Ewald Balser, Karin Hardt, Ilse Fuerstenberg, Paul Westermeier u.v.a. Die Aerztin Hanna (MSch) heiratet den Maler Fred (HS). Zu seiner heiteren und beschwingt-kuenstlerischen Art haette aber die Schwester Hannas, Ellinor (KH) besser gepasst... Ein erfreulicher Film.


Frauen Sind Doch Bessere Diplomaten   #CH 534
color, 1941, ca. 86 in., Musical comedy - In 1948, a dancer goes on a diplomatic mission to prevent the closing of her uncle's casino. This musical comedy was the first long feature film made in color in Germany. Directed by Georg Jacoby. Featuring Marika Roekk, Aribert Waescher, and Willy Fritsch.

Frech und verliebt#EVD 1237
1945, b/w, ca. 90 min. - Komoedie. Johannes Heesters, Gabriele Reismueller, Carl Heinz Schroth, Charlotte Daudert. Da er als Ingenieur keine Anstellung findet, verdingt sich der junge, kecke Peter als Detektiv. Uebereifer bringt das Detektiv-Greenhorn in die Bredouille; flott inszeniert, wegen Heesters als Jungcharmeur sehenswert.


Die Freundin eines grossen Mannes #EVD 1207
1934, Comedy, ca. 90 min. - Der Film ist delikat und zeigt eine interessante Mischung von Ernst und Parodie. Das Durcheinander von Buehne und Wirklichkeit bildet einen pikanten Reiz. Auch der Humor kommt nicht kurz. Mit Kaethe von Nagy, Karl Ludwig Diehl, Jessie Viehrog, Hans Brausewetter, Harry Frank.


Fridericus (also known as Der Alte Fritz) #IH 240
1936, b&w, ca. 101 min. - Though his army is surrounded and his friends and officers lose heart, Frederick the great eludes capture and leads Prussia to victory in the Seven years' War. Directed by Johannes Meyer; featuring Otto Gebuehr, Hilde Koerber, and Lil Dagover. 


Friedrich Schiller #HF 426
1940, b/w, ca. 110 min. - The young Friedrich Schiller rebels against the discipline of a military academy and the despotism of the Duke of Wuerttemberg, leading him to write the inflammatory play The Robbers. Some commentators believe parts of this film express anti-Nazi sentiments. Directed by Herbert Maisch; featuring Horst Caspar, Lil Dagover, and Heinrich George.  Sold out.
**No Longer Available**

Fluechtlinge  #IH 327
b/w, 1933, ca. 90 min. - Drama, During the time of the Weimar Republic, the German officer Arneth gets into political trouble and has to leave Germany. He ends up in Nanking where he gets hired to train troops. There he meets a group of Wolga Germans fleeing Russia, who try desperately to get into Germany. Arneth becomes their leader. Under his guidance, they get hold of a train, manage to repair the broken railroad tracks and begin their journey to Germany. Starring Hans Albers, Kaethe von Nagy, Ida Wuest, Veit Harlan and many others.


Faszination Nackter Schoenheit #JUV 3169
color, ca. 60 in. - Star photographer Jean Rougeroon. A symphony of light and color brings out the beauty of the female body in a tropical setting. Lots of nudity, for adults only!


Freddy und das Lied der Praerie  #CAN 41
ca. 101 min. - Black Bill, sagenhafter Schuetze, taucht immer auf, wo es gilt die Armen zu schuetzen oder Banditen das Handwerk zu legen. Dieser Film und die Musik ist fuer echte Romantiker unserer Tage geschrieben und komponiert worden. Mit Freddy Quinn, Trude Herr und Mamie van Doren.


Freddy und das Lied der Suedsee #CAN 554
ca. 97 min. - Gold in der Kehle, aber kein Geld in der Tasche hat Freddy, der wieder einmal auf grosse Fahrt geht. Von Romantik auf Schiffen und einem heissen Abenteuer unter Palmen erzaehlt der musikerfuellte Farbfilm mit Freddy Quinn in der Hauptrolle. Jacqueline Sassard, Gunnar Moeller und Hans Deppe. 
**No Longer Available**

Fruehlingslied  #KR 511
b/w, 1954, ca. 92 min. - also called "Heidi und Ihre Freunde", Heimat Drama, Only 6 years old, a "Wunderkind" pianist is famous in all Europe. His manager uncle demands strictest training. How can a well meaning friend convince him to let the boy be "a little boy"? The most famous child stars of the post war era appear in this heartwarming story. Auf den Luzerner Musikfestspielen erwartet die in- und auslaendischen Besucher eine besondere Ueberraschung: das solistische Auftreten des genial begabten sechsjaehrigen Wolfgang Fabricius, der ein Klavierkonzert von Mozart spielen wird. Der Abend in Luzern wird fuer den Jungen, der in den europaeischen Konzertsaelen zu Hause ist, wieder ein grosser Erfolg. Auch fuer seinen Onkel der den Waisen zu sich genommen hat. Er will mit dem Jungen noch viel hoeher hinaus und droht dem Jungen die Kindheit zu zerstoeren. Dr. Andermat, ein Arzt, versucht Eduard Fabricius zu ueberzeugen, den Jungen nicht um seine Jugend zu betruegen. Regisseur: Hans Albin. Darsteller: Oliver Grimm, Elsbeth Siegmund, Albert Lieven, Rene Deltgen, Martin Andreas, Anne-Marie Blanc.


Fruehling auf dem Eis  #VR 166
Austria, 1950, ca. 90 min. - Ice revue movie with Hans Holt, Heinz Conrad and Oscar Sima. Turbulent comedy of errors about Ice Revue stars who are being played against each other by their manager. A new ice show is planned, but the grand opening is ruined by sunshine.


Funkstreife Gottes - Cash Die Quittung Schreibt der Tod #KR 512
1969, ca. 83 min., nudity, Action-Thriller - The story of a gang of gangsters who have stolen $2,500,000 in various currencies. a middle-aged man, the 'Major', secretly catches the money at the Frankfurt airport and flies to Vienna to meet his accomplices to arrange the handing over of the money. His plane crashes during the approach to Vienna airport. he is badly wounded and knows that confession and the 'Major' reports his secret. The accomplices going to meet the 'Major' at the airport are able to watch the confession from distance and hope the priest will tell them everything the 'Major' had confessed. To stay unknown, they kidnap the priest in his home, but experience that he is not willing to tell anything due to the confessional secret. With all tricks they try to worm the secret out of him, without success. Now a run against time starts. Flugzeugabsturz. Ein Unfallseelsorger nimmt einem Sterbenden die Beichte ab; eine Millionenbeichte, denn der Pastor hoert hier vom Schluessel zum Versteck eines riesigen Geldraubes. Die Komplizen des Verstorbenen kennen das Versteck nicht, aber erfahren von der Beichte. Darum entfuehren sie den Geistlichen und versuchen mit allen Mitteln, das Beichtgeheimnis aus ihm herauszupressen... Mitwirkende: Guenther Neutze, Guenther Stoll, Tanja Beryll.


Die Frau am dunklen Fenster   #FD 2056
b/w, 1960, ca. 93 min. - A young woman has to decide the fate of a rival. She has the chance to put the other woman behind bars for the rest of her life. Drama with Marianne Koch.
Vor dem Hintergrund eines Kriminalfalls, steht eine Frau, die glaubt, die Auswirkungen einer Kinderlaehmung ueberwunden zu haben, und dennoch in all ihren Lebensentscheidungen unter dem Stern des ausgepraegten inneren Zwiespaltes steht. Als ihr das Schicksal die Moeglichkeit gibt, eine wohl moralisch schuldige, aber vor dem Gesetz unschuldige Rivalin fuer Lebenszeit hinter Zuchthausmauern zu bringen, steht sie vor einer ihr ganzes zukuenftiges Leben bestimmenden Entscheidung.


Friedemann Bach #HF 429
b/w, 1941, ca. 100 min. - The eldest son of J. S. Bach, a gifted musician, feels so confined by his family that he ends up wasting his talent and falling into debauchery. Gustaf Gruendgens.


Fuenf Millionen suchen einen Erben (Five Million Look for an Heir) #HF 444
b/w, 1938, ca. 87 min. - In this comedy, a German vacuum cleaner salesman can inherit five million dollars from his deceased uncle in America if he proves he is happily married, but his cousin tries to sabotage his efforts. Directed by Carl Boese; featuring Heinz Ruehmann, Leny Marenbach, And Vera von Langen. ok 9/12

Alle Videofilme auf dieser Seite sind in deutscher Sprache ohne Untertitel.
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Lange Zeit galten sie als "Illusionskino", altbacken, kitschig und einfaeltig: die Filme aus der Adenauer-Aera. Aber Mode und Musik haben die 50er und 60er Jahre bereits wiederentdeckt. Und weil der seitliche Abstand einen notstalgisch-liebevollen Blick zurueck in die goldene Zeit des Wirtschaftswunders erlaubt, stehen die leichten Komoedien, die traenenreichen Ehedramen und die bunten Heimat- und Kostuemschinken ploetzlich wieder hoch im Kurs. Papas Kino ist wieder in. Fuer die Jungen gibt es vieles zu entdecken. Und die Aelteren unter den Videofans duerfen in Erinnerungen schwalgen an die Zeit ihrer Jugend, als wenigstens im Film die Welt noch in Ordnung war. Jedenfalls zogen diese Filme die Zuschauer scharenweise ins Kino. Damals kannten auch deutsche Leinwandstars noch Glanz und Glamour.

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