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Garmisch-Partenkirchen DFC 16
ca. 35 min, color - Welcome to the Wonderland of Southern Germany. Bavaria - this is the heart of the Alps. Garmisch-Partenkirchen this is the jewel of Bavaria, one of the most picturesque towns in Europe. Rich in tradition and history, "GP" hosted Olympic Games of 1936 and many other world class winter championships. Garmisch-Partenkirchen is just one hour drive away from Munich, and very close to the "Zugspitze" the highest mountain in Germany and to Neuschwanstein, one of the most romantic castles in the world. In English language. To buy this video inquire.


Germany Dada DO 24
1968, 55 min. - Some German language with English subtitles or commentary. In post World War I Zurich was born an artistic movement that preached a baffling radical yet whimsical philosophy of creativity. The movement spread like a revolt to America and across Europe voicing the delightfully bizarre protest of a brave new community of artists and writers. Germany-Dada faithfully creates not just Dada Art but the times that spawned it. In English language.


The 2nd German Economic Miracle DFC 17
ca. 55 min., color - Is the 2nd German "economic miracle: coming up? Some insiders claim that. The highly informative video shows the "forgotten Germany", unique sights and sounds of the new German states: Thueringen, Sachsen-Anhalt, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and Brandenburg. This is the most comprehensive overview of Germany;s East available at this time anywhere. A video you have been waiting for. In English language.


Girls from Flanders OL 1930
1956, ca. 91 min. - Directed by Helmut Kautner. With Maximilian Schell, Nicole Berger, Gert Froebe. The setting of this provocative, vividly dramatic anti-war drama is World War I, and Maximilian Schell stars as Alexander Haller, a soulful, idealistic German lieutenant and former medical student. Haller, the son of a pompous major-general, has been wizened by the time he has spent at the front line. While in a small Belgian village located near the front, he becomes obsessed with a pretty, chaste barmaid named Angeline, who is quite vocal in her dislike for all German soldiers. Later on, while on leave, Haller revisits the village, now safely in German-held territory. Their relationship soon blossoms into love, leading to a variety of complications. Ultimately, the film is an uncompromising examination of the futility and insanity of war, and how it destroys the lives of all - especially the innocent. In English language.


The Great DictatorPL 3008
1940, 128 min., b&w - With Charlie Chaplin. Chaplin plays two totally opposite roles in his first "talkie," giving a superb display of his boundless talent for both inspired comedy and powerful drama. One of his masterfully drawn characters is a Jewish barber facing the constant threat of storm troopers and religious persecution. The other is the great dictator, Hynkel, a brilliant lampoon of Adolph Hitler that is awesome proof of Chaplin's pantomime genius. The movie's famous highlight comes in its final scene, when Chaplin steps out of character and addresses the camera with an eloquent plea for the triumph of reason and humanity over mindless militarism. This speech is so moving that Chaplin was later asked to repeat it on national radio, and the film itself was voted one of the year's Ten Best by The New York Times. In English language.


The Green Archer FA 266
1960, ca. 93 min. - With Gert Froebe. Well-paced action adapted from the Edgar Wallace novel about a masked archer who eliminates his victims as he baffles police. When the owner of a castle dies, his youngest son inherits it and the ghost of the Green Archer. Convicted of a crime he did not commit, the property falls to his brother. Can his wife prove his innocence? Will the Green Archer help? In English language.


Heidi HH 4158
105 min. - A brilliant adaptation of Johanna Spyri's timeless classic. The touching tale of a young orphan girl, Heidi, who finds a new life and happiness with her grandfather (Sir Michael Redgrave) high in the Swiss Alps. In English language.


Heidi HD 799
Swiss-1952, ca. 98 min. Grand Prize Venice 1953 Special Award; with Elizabeth Sigmund Theo Lingen and Willy Birgel. In English language.


The Head OL 1986
1959-Germany, b&w, ca. 91 min. - With Horst Frank, Michel Simon, Paul Dahlke. This outrageously creepy horror film is sure to scare you totally out of your wits. The scenario charts the plight and curious destiny of one Dr. Abel, a brilliant scientist who has recently completed an experiment in which he kept the severed head of a dog alive for four months. This has been accomplished via his invention of a special concoction know as Serum-Z. Dr. Ood, Abel's new assistant suggests to do the same with the head of a human being. The movie rates right up there with any classic chiller you can name. In English language.


The Hindenburg BAC 55
ca. 126 min. - George C. Scott leads an all-star cast in this imaginative suspense thriller that attempts to shed some light on the historic disaster even as its intricate plot unfolds. As a colonel assigned by the German government to make certain no one sabotages the Hindenburg on its transatlantic voyage, Scott suspects everyone aboard the luxury ship - particularly a German countess (Anne Bancroft) vehemently opposed to the Nazi regime. Stylishly directed by Robert Wise and co-starring Burgess Meredith, Gig Young, Charles Durning and Richard Dysart, 'The Hindenburg' brings to life one of aviation's most infamous events and one of the screen's most engrossing mysteries. In English language.


Jesus R 303
ca. 83 min. - Who is this Jesus? As you watch this video you will learn about the birth, life, death and resurrection of the most influential and controversial person in history. It answers questions about who he is, gives insight from his teachings and how they continue to impact lives - even today! The most accurate film ever made about Jesus. Award-winning producer John Heyman has created a film so true-to-life you will feel like you are in first century Palestine with Jesus. Teams of specialists worked five years to produce what may be the most credible film about the life and times of this man. Jesus was filmed at over 200 locations in Israel. Virtually every word is taken directly form the Gospel of Luke. The most translated film in history. In English language. 


Jew Suess DT 301
Great Britain - 1934, 105 min., b&w - Filmed without racial hatred or propaganda, the story of the Jew Suess who, in 1730, tried to gain power and prestige and failed. Based on Feuchtwanger's novel. Starring Conrad Veidt and Benita Hume. Please note: This is not the notorious Nazi German anti-Semitic version made in 1943. In English language.


The Journey of Butterfly TM 101
Documentary, color and b/w, ca. 62 min. - This documentary weaves together the music, art, poetry and history of the children imprisoned in the Ghetto at Terezin (Theresienstadt) from 1941 - 1945. A precious few of the children who survived, tell their story. A poignant story of the triumph of the human spirit. In English language.


Just a Gigolo WB 8005
1979, 98 min. - This post-World War I melodrama starring David Bowie as a veteran looking for work in Berlin. He finds, however, that his natural talents are worth money and becomes a dance hall gigolo, available to anyone, anytime, for a price. MARLENE DIETRICH, in her first film appearance in 17 years, plays Bowie's shadowy Madam and also sings the famed title song. David Hemmings makes his directorial debut with this evocative glimpse of Europe's lost souls, who find their pleasures in the garish cabarets and glittering salons of pre-war Germany. With Kim Novak, Maria Schell, Curt Juergens, and Marlene Dietrich who sings the title tune and shows her age. Rated R. In English language.


Killing Cars FA 931
1986, ca. 104 min. - It's called the Worldcar, the industry's first electro-chemical automobile. Its success could mean an end to air pollution, the oil shortage... and the careers of a few too many conglomerate chiefs. But one man is willing to do battle with the corporate cutthroats. His name is Ralph Korda - the man behind the Killing Cars! Juergen Prochnow (Das Boot) stars as Korda, the mechanical mastermind that develops the ultimate speed machine. Stunningly photographed and loaded with heavy doses of high-velocity action, Killing Cars is a one way ride to excitement. Don't miss it! In English language.


The Life and Loves of MozartDT 1120
1959. 100 min. - with Oscar Werner and Johanna Mats. A beautiful film you must see !!! In English language.


Listen to Britain - The True Story of Lili Marleen BA 3004
England, 120 min., b&w - Humphrey Jennings (1907-50), whom Lindsay Anderson has called the greatest of British filmmakers, was a man of broad culture who painted and wrote poetry, and who died while filming in Greece. A most interesting segment about the most famous song of World War II (1944). Also, A Diary for Timothy (1945) and The Cumberland Story (1947). Englandwelle. In English language.


Lulu in Berlin KV 103
U.S.A. (1985), 50 min., b&w/Color - The only filmed interview of Louise Brooks and her life in Berlin and Hollywood. Recognized for her portrayal of Germany's greatest known siren, Lulu, Louise Brooks, is now considered one of the most fascinating and beautiful of all actresses. The renowned documentarians Richard Leacock and Susan Woll present an in-depth conversation with Brooks, combined with clips from several of her films including 'Pandora's box' and 'Diary of a lost girl'. The result is a vivid and startling picture of what Brooks' life was like with such people as Dietrich, Garbo, Riefenstahl, and Pabst during Germany's golden age of decadence before its descent into Nazism. In English language. 


Machine Dreams FRF 772
1989, 87 min. - Haunting! From a Marilyn Monroe robot, to the ethics of artificial intelligence, to a robotic rock band, Machine Dreams explores the emotional, psychological, and mythic aspects of humanity's love affair with the Machine. this cyber-documentary delves into man's chilling and amusing relationship with technology. From 18th century theory to the vision of a wild and unpredictable future, this surreal film looks ahead millions of years, where man's obsession with machines, androids and cyborgs has gone out of control! Included are interviews with Marvin Minsky, MIT professor and the "father of artificial intelligence"; NASA director Jesco von Puttkamer; and techno-artists James Whiting and Shunichi Mizuno. In English language.


Marlene Dietrich Film Collection
in English Language

Marlene BL 1344
ca. 97 min., color and b/w, Film Portrait - Robert Osborne, film critic, says of Marlene, "Movies don't come any better... a riveting, sometimes dangerous ride into the persona - and thoughts - of one of the world's most fascinating women... It also unfolds in a way no movie has ever quite done before. Moviegoers will be talking about this one for years to come..." This s a voyeuristic journey into the mystique of a woman who set an unparalleled standard for erotic beauty, and is by turns intimate, revealing and exquisitely humorous. In English language.


The Marlene Dietrich Collection

Angel - With Marlene Dietrich MD 81479
b&w, NR, ca. 91 min. - This compelling drama stars Marlene Dietrich as the unfaithful wife of a foreign diplomat entangled in an intricate love triangle. Lady Maria Barker (Dietrich) has the perfect life: a famous husband (Herbert Marshall), a stately English manor, and endless trips abroad but the one thing that's missing - her husband's attention - leads to a short-lived affair with a dashing British stranger (Melvyn Douglas) in Paris who knows her only by the name "Angel." Though she tries to put the infidelity behind her, the whirlwind romance comes back to haunt Lady Barker when the Englishman turns out to be her husband's old military chum. torn between her husband and her lover, she is forced to make an agonizing decision that may change her life forever. In English language.


Blonde Venus - With Marlene Dietrich MD 80475
b&w, NR, ca. 94 min. - Marlene Dietrich stars as Helen, a former nightclub entertainer married to an American scientist, Edward Faraday (Herbert Marshall), who has been diagnosed with radium poisoning. To earn money for her husband's European cure, Helen returns to the stage billed as "The Blonde Venus" and is an overnight success. She also finds herself powerfully attracted to a dashing politician named Nick Townsend (Cary Grant) who is captivated by her and offers financial support. Townsend moves Helen and her son into a beautiful apartment, and when Edward returns unexpectedly from Europe to find his child and unfaithful wife gone, he demands she relinquish the boy to him. As a woman torn between her husband, her lover, her career and her child, Dietrich turns in a dazzling performance that makes this one of the screen goddess's most popular films. In English language.


Follow the Boys - With Marlene Dietrich MD 80594
ca. 111 min., b&w, Not Rated - From Australia to Scotland, and China to New Guinea, George Raft, Vera Zorina and an impressive parade of celebs "Follow the boys" in this star-spangled, wartime tribune. When screen star Tony West (Raft) is rejected for military service, he keeps the news to himself but finds another way to serve, organizing camp shows for the enlisted men that include such big-name stars as Marlene Dietrich, Orson Welles, W.C. Fields, Dinah Shore, The Andrews Sisters, Sophie Tucker, Jeanette MacDonald and many more. Unfortunately, his war efforts are so all-consuming that they soon overshadow the news of his wife's (Zorina) Pregnancy, threatening to turn their relationship into another casualty of war. This rousing drama which showcases some of the most popular stars and musical acts of its day, endures as a stellar collector's item rife with sheer entertainment! In English language.


Desire - With Marlene Dietrich MD 80826
ca. 96 min., b&w, Not Rated - Marlene Dietrich and Gary Cooper star in this comedic drama about a crime spree that leads to love. In the most elaborate jewel heist in European history, the beautiful and conniving "Countess" Madeline (Dietrich) embezzles a small fortune in pearls. As she makes her getaway to Spain to deliver the hot goods, her escape is thwarted by car trouble, until a handsome and likable young tourist (Cooper) helps her out. She shows her gratitude by leaving the unsuspecting good Samaritan in the dust --literally! But when he accidentally ends up with the pearls, she must feign romantic interest to get them back. The charade soon turns into the real thing, however, and Madeline realizes that her only hope of happiness is to clean up her act--not matter what the cost--or lose the man she loves. In English language.


Destry Rides Again - With Marlene Dietrich MD 80352
ca. 95 min. - Marlene Dietrich. (1939) is a popular, marvelous Western comedy spoof/farce from Universal Pictures. Director George Marshall parodies the classic Western with its stereotypical elements - a lawless Western town with a saloon and a sheriff, with three saloon/musical numbers! The film's well-paced, brisk screenplay by Felix Jackson, Gertrude Purcell and Henry Myers was based on Jackson's original screen story, suggested by Max Brand's novel of the same name. This Western film genre was a first for both James Stewart and Dietrich - in a perfect example of inspired casting and image reversal. Stewart plays the role of an atypical, pacifist, unarmed Western hero and the usually glamorous seductress Dietrich is a sultry saloon entertainer post-von Sternberg. It was Dietrich's first film after becoming an American citizen - and appropriately, it was an American western. The film lacked a single Academy Award nomination in one of filmdom's most famous years. In English language. Purchase price $19.95.


Dishonored - With Marlene Dietrich MD 81444
ca. 91 min., b&w, Not Rated - Marlene Dietrich is Agent X-27, the Mata Hari of Austria, in this exciting tale of espionage and romance, also starring Victor McLaglen. A widow forced to turn to prostitution to support herself, Dietrich is solicited by the Austrian Secret Service to become a special agent. With her ample charms and extraordinary beauty, she ferrets out secrets from the enemy, saving thousands of lives and altering the course of the war. But she meets her mental match in a Russian agent named Kranau (McLaglen), who continually outwits her and proves to be her downfall. Dietrich pays the ultimate price for falling in love with the debonair spy in this Joseph von Sternberg hit. In English language.


Golden Earrings - With Marlene Dietrich MD 81451
ca. 95 min., b&w, Not Rated - In a film that stirred up the censors, Marlene plays a lusty gypsy named Lydia, whose caravan makes a romantic refuge for British agent Ray Milland. Escaping from the Nazis, Agent Ralph Denistoun (Milland) and his partner arrange to meet in Stuttgart to purloin Hitler's poison gas formula. On the journey, Denistoun meets Lydia, whose uncanny knowledge of the Black Forest keeps him out of harm's way. Disguised as a gypsy, complete with glistening golden earrings, Denistoun arrives at the designated meeting place, which is glutted with Nazi soldiers. Only with the help to the extraordinary gypsy woman can he finish the mission that will make him a hero. In English language.


Morocco - With Marlene Dietrich MD 80555
ca. 92 min., b&w, Not Rated - Marlene Dietrich, Gary Cooper and Adolphe Menjou. As jaded cabaret singer Mademoiselle Amy Jolly, Dietrich falls for Tom Brown (Cooper), a devil-may-care private in the French foreign Legion. In spite of the clamor of other suitors, including man-of-the world Kennington (Menjou), Amy arranges a rendezvous with Tom Brown when their aloof attraction turns to love. But when Tom overhears the wealthy Kennington propose to Amy, he accepts a dangerous assignment, convinced that only Kennington can give the beautiful chanteuse the life she wants. All proves fair in love and war, however, when on the eve of the engagement to Kennington, Amy steals away to find the man she truly loves. In English language.


Pittsburgh - With Marlene DietrichMD 81452
ca. 92 min., b&w, Not Rated - Marlene Dietrich, Randolph Scott and John Wayne star in this rags-to-riches tale of friendship, love and power. Beautiful Josie Winters (Dietrich) inspires coal-mining buddies Cash Evans (Scott) and Pittsburgh Markham (Wayne) to better their lots in life. Competing for Josie's affection, the men rapidly climb to the top of their profession. Josie eventually falls for Pittsburgh, who spurns her love to marry for power. While ruthlessness becomes Pitt's ruin, Cash marries Josie and builds a profitable business of his own. It takes a world war o reunite the feuding friends, who won't let their patriotism be overshadowed by an age-old rift. In English language.


The Scarlet Empress - With Marlene Dietrich MD 81448
ca. 92 min., b&w, Not Rated - Marlene Dietrich lights up the screen as the Empress Catherine in this historical drama directed by Josef von Sternberg. Young Princess Catherine's dreams are shattered when she is forced into an arranged marriage with Peter, the homely and idiotic Grand Duke of Russia. Though there is pressure to bear a male heir to the throne, Peter prefers the company of his mistress. Imprisoned in loveless wedlock, his young bride seeks solace in the arms of other men, including a handsome young officer of the guard. Months later, when a son is born, Russia rejoices, while Peter conspires to murder his adulterous wife. But the officer of the guard and Catherine's loyal troops stand by their beloved monarch to save imperial Russia from the hands of this madman. In English language.


Shanghai Express - With Marlene Dietrich MD 80827
ca. 82 in., b&w, Not Rated - It is full stem ahead with Marlene Dietrich as the mesmerizing Shanghai Lily in this exotic high drama directed by Joseph von Sternberg. After being jilted by Captain Donald Harvey (Clive Brook), Lily gains a reputation as a notorious adventuress. Things heat up when the former lovers are reunited on a train enroute to Shanghai. They share accommodations with a motley group of international passengers, including a dubious merchant who unsuccessfully propositions Lily. When the train is overtaken by Chinese rebels, Captain Harvey is held hostage and the merchant turns out to be the rebels' leader. So Lily strikes a tantalizing bargain in order to save the man she never stopped loving. In English language.


The Spoilers - With Marlene Dietrich MD 80015
ca. 84 min., b&w, Not Rated - John Wayne and Marlene Dietrich star in this all-star adventure classic about gold and greed in an Alaskan boom town during the height of the gold rush in the 1890's. Wayne (Ray Glennister) is a virtuous ship captain who has been tricked out of his mine claim. Dietrich (Cherry Mallotte) is the town's sexiest saloon girl who must choose between the honest captain and the charming-but-no-good kingpin, Alexander McNamara, played by Randolph Scott. The Duke helps her make up her mind by taking on Scott in an all-out fight to the finish in Dietrich's saloon that film critics consider to one of the most spectacular action sequences ever filmed. It is adventure as wild as the Northwest territory itself. In English language.


The Marriage of Maria Braun RC 60718
ca. 120 min. - Rainer Werner Fassbinder. The Marriage of Maria Braun is the most spectacular film of Rainer Werner Fassbinder's career, and probably of the entire New German cinema. Here his favorite leading actress, Hanna Schygulla, stars as a post W.W.II survivalist who uses equal doses of seduction and self-preservation to keep afloat in the troubled, cut-throat society of a Germany rebuilding it's ravaged countryside and spirit. This deeply moving film is a successful mix of soap opera, sexual politics, offbeat comedy and epic romance. Schygulla's shattering performance as Maria Braun established her as one of Europe's finest actresses. Starring Hanna Schygulla, Klaus Loewitsch, Ivan Desny. In English language.


Me and Him FA 575
ca. 94 min. - An unsuspecting New Yorker finds himself jockeying for position with his own instincts in 'Me and Him', a hilariously sexy comedy starring Griffin Dunne, Carey Lowell, Ellen Greene, Craig T. Nelson and the voice of Mark Linn-baker. Griffin Dunne stars as Bert Uttanzi, an up-and-coming architect who awakens one fine day only to have his life turned inside-out when his newly loquacious libido decides to speak up! Suddenly conversing with an unfamiliar, yet persistent voice emanating from his trousers, the confused and distraught Bert begins struggling with his work, straying from his wife and generally playing second-fiddle to his suddenly over-orchestrated sex-drive. But what's a guy to do when the whole of New York is magically transformed into a luscious pastry cart laden with seductive secretaries, sexy shop girls and exotic executives? Director Doris Doerrie (MEN) puts a new comic twist on the battle of the sexes in 'Me and Him', the buddy comedy that hits below the belt. In English language.


Men/Maenner VV 07E
Germany 1986, Comedy, 99 min. - dubbed version. it's the story of an ad executive who goes off the deep-end when his wife starts seeing an unemployed artist. The husband decides that artists must be secretly alluring to women. So he moves in with the unsuspecting artist. The two become buddies, exchanging everything - including personalities. Director/writer Doris Doerrie. In English language.


The Merry Widow R 200
ca. 98 min. - Jeanette MacDonald is Sonia, a bubbly widow who owns 52% of every cow and cow town in the tiny European country of Marshovia. When she relocates to glittery Paris, suave ladies' man Captain Danilo (Maurice Chevalier) sets out in hot pursuit. His mission: avert his homelands' financial ruin by bringing Sonia back on the wings of love. But hang on tight, Danilo. Love always flies a delirious course when legendary director Ernst Lubitsch is at the helm, known for sophisticated wit and a style affectionately dubbed as "the Lubitsch touch." A frothy, high-spirited gem based on Franz Lehar's operetta, The Merry Widow set the standard for musicals to come. And it confirmed what MGM's top brass already knew: Jeanette MacDonald was a major star. So enjoy the rapturous music, the sparkling dialogue, and the swirling "Merry Widow Waltz". You'll have to look far and wide for a better comic opera than this. In English language.


Metropolis OL 302
1927, b&w, ca. 90 min. - Director Fritz Lang, with Brigitte Helm, Alfred Abel, Gustav Froehlich. "Metropolis" was, at the time of its release, the most expensive production ever done in Europe. The story takes place in the 21st Century, in a large city autocratically run by a "super trustee" and his collaborators who live in a paradise-like garden. Workers are totally enslaved by machines and condemned to live underground. In the midst of this misery, a young woman - Maria - arises, who attempts to inspire the workers to throw off their oppressors. The film was said to have been inspired by the nocturnal skyline of New York City when seen from the sea. It has immense visual and narrative power and many sequences have become famous; the opening scenes introducing the city, the suspended garden, Moloch - the infernal machine which controls the entire city, and the movement of masses of workers against the abstract monumental sets. "Metropolis" so impressed Hitler, that, when he came to power, he had Goebbels approach Lang about making films for the Nazis. Lang is said to have fled the country overnight. VHS In English language.
DVD Features: 43 minute documentary on the making of Metropolis - Featurette: the Digital Restoration - Photo Gallery - 13 cast and crew biography - 5.1 surround sound - Audio commentary - Titles in English, French and Spanish


Mephisto TV 2718
Hungary 1981, 132 min. - Directed by Istvan Szabo. Starring Klaus Maria Brandauer. This astounding motion picture was an Oscar Award winner for Best Foreign Film and won the Cannes Film Festival Prize for Best Screenplay. It's the strange, captivating tale of a German actor who sells himself to the Nazis to further his career. Based on the novel by Klaus Mann (son of Thomas Mann). Banned in West Germany for 40 years. A story paralleling the career of Gustaf Gruendgens, and Brandauer's brilliant performance portrays a star's egotism, narcissism and sexual opportunism. The actor makes a Faustian bargain with Hitler's Third Reich, betrays his wife, his black mistress, his colleagues and - at last - his art all in the name of political expediency. In English language.


The Mozart Story OL 39
Austria 1937, 95 min. - With Anni Rosar, Paul Hoerbiger. and Curd Juergens. A biography of the great composer of the 18th century and his contemporaries Haydn and Beethoven. For lovers of classical music and European costume dramas. Outstanding music score. With the Vienna Philharmonic. In English language.


Mondo Cane R 014
ca. 92 min., color - "There is much that is of a strange and grotesque nature. More that is weird, paradoxical, bizarre and reflective of the range of man's behavior. In this extraordinarily candid and factual film, there is more than could come within an average man's experience!" -- New York Times; "Intelligent and repellant!" -- Herald Tribune; "Macabre and gruesome!" -- Daily Mirror; Life Magazine says: "The season's most argued about film." Warning: this film contains violence and nudity. Viewer discretion is advised. In English language.


Mondo Cane #2 ED 177
1993, color, ca. 90 min. - Directed by Gualtiero Jacopetti. This film takes hold of the large well of bizarre human behavior. It is tender, pathetic, heart-breaking and shocks us into a new awareness of the diverse and extraordinary nature of the human condition. Contains violence and nudity. In English language.


My Father is Coming FA 412
1990, ca. 82 min. - German and English dialogue. German dialogue is subtitled in English. Another amusing exploration of urban sexuality from Monika Treut. Vicky, a frustrated, out of work German actress in New York City, finds out she is about to receive a visit from her Bavarian father who mistakenly believes that she is happy, successful and married. Vicky's attempts to fool her father include her persuading her gay male roommate to pose as her husband. Vicky's world quickly collapses when her father inadvertently lands a role in a prime-time television commercial, and begins to have his own highly entertaining sexual adventures, including a session with New Age sex goddess Annie Sprinkle. In the wake of her father's fame, fortune, and new-found pleasures, Vicky also begins to open up to new experiences, slipping into a lesbian affair, and a compelling relationship with a handsome female-to-male transsexual. In English language.


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