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Welcome to the Only American Video Tape Store for rare German Movies and Old ZDF volksmusik shows.
Please note: All video tapes are in the American NTSC VHS video format
and will play on all VCR's in North America. We are closing out all of our VHS inventory. This will be your last chance to obtain these beautiful ZDF music videos and hundreds of classic German movies and heimatfilme. Due to the limited demand in the USA, most of these movies will unfortunately never be available on DVD in America.
Once our videos are gone, they're gone!!!
We have drastically reduced the prices on over 2000 video titles closeout. Make sure to buy these classics while supply lasts.
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Die Anfaenge der Filmgeschichte. Historisch und voller Meinung.
Bewundern Sie die unuebertroffene Ausdrucksfaehigkeit der
Schauspieler in der Kinderstube der Filmkunst. Fast alle Stummfilme
auf dieser Seite haben einen musikalischen Hintergrund. 
These videos are hard to find film titles from the silent movie era. Most of the videos will be discontinued. Please purchase the title while they are still available.



Die NibelungenSM 707/708
1924, German and English title cards, s/M, ca. 195 min. (in two parts), B&W - The most famous German legendary classic magnificently directed by Fritz Lang and starring Paul Richter and Margareta Schoen. Germanic epic written at the end of the 12th century blends feudal customs and Christian beliefs with even more ancient Teutonic legends and myths. This is one of the most beautifully composed and photographed films in all of cinema history!


Die Nibelungen KV 2652
Silent, 1924 - On of the great achievements of the German silent cinema, Die Nibelungen is a passionate retelling of Nordic legend, invested with all the resources of the colossal UFA studios. Notable for its huge medieval era sets and ambitious special effects, including a fully animated dragon, Fritz Lang's epic established him as the maker of big films. This edition of Die Niebelungen, mastered from German archival 35 mm materials, is more than 100 minutes longer than any version previously available in the US and is presented with a magnificent orchestral soundtrack of the original score.

Die Nibelungen Part I - Siegfried
b/w, ca. 142 min. - Lang's retelling of an ancient Norse legend is a towering production, notable for its incredible special effects and immense sets that rival his own Metropolis. Transferred from original German archive material and with a triumphant score by Gottfried Huppertz.

Die Nibelungen Part II - Kriemhild's Revenge
b/w, ca. 150 min. - The sequel to the epic Siegfried, in which Kriemhild avenges the death of Siegfried with the aid of Atilla the Hun and his marauders. Lang's fascination with mob violence and the psychology of vengeance finds early expression here, later figuring heavily in his films M and the Big Heat. Kriemhild's Revenge is newly mastered from original German archive material.

The complete five-hour epic from Fritz Lang is available as a two disc set.
Special features also include: Footage of Fritz Lang on the set; Production design and special effects sketches by Erich Kettelhut; Comparison of the dragon-slaying scenes from Siegfried and The Thief of Bagdad (1924); New and improved English title translation by Ingrid Scheib Rothbart; Photo gallery, including rare behind-the-scenes images, etc.


Nosferatu (Dracula)SM 725
Germany, 1921, English subtitles, ca. 65 min., B&W - A German classic! The first film version of Bram Stoker's Dracula and still one of the most frightening movies ever produced. The cinematography crosses the boundary between brilliance and genius as the story of the insatiable vampire unfolds. Set picturesquely in middle Europe during an unspecified time in the past, Nosferatu is the story of a man who journeys to a distant mountain town on business. He finds is curiously deserted, save for Graf Orlok, the proprietor of the local manor. Not long afterwards, a ship arrives at the traveler's home town. The craft is virtually empty, except for rats, pestilence and the ghastly, spider-like owner of Orlok castle, whom the villagers in daylight call Nosferatu. Directed by F. W. Murnau and starring Max Schreck, Alexander Granach, and Gustav von Wagenheim.


Nosferatu - Now on DVD KV 2532 DVD
Germany, 1922, silent with music score, color tinted, ca. 93 min. - This new presentation of Murnau's classic is mastered from original German material recently made availble to Kino and is the most complete version available. An espressionist telling of Bram Stoker's Dracula so faithful to the original tale of vampirism that Stoker's widow sued. Rather than depicting Dracula as a shape-shifting monster or debonair gentleman, Murnau's Graf Orlock (as portrayed by Max Schreck) is a nightmarish, spidery creature of bulbous head and taloned claws -- perhaps the most genuinely disturbing incarnation of vampirism yet envisioned. Nosferatu was an atypical expressionist film in that much of it was shot on location. While directors such as Lang and Lubitsch built vast forests and entire towns within the studio, Nosferatu's landscapes, villages and castle were actual locations in the Carpathian mountains. Murnau was thus able to infuse the story with the subtle tones of nature: both pure and fresh as well as twisted and sinister.
Supplemental features include: Lengthy excerpts from other films by F.W. Murnau: Journey into the Night (1920), The Haunted Castle (1921), Phantom (1922), The Last Laugh (1924), Faust (1926), Tabu (1931); Photo Gallery, New and improved English intertitle translation, etc.


Nosferatu: The First Vampire SM 4411
1922/1927, b/w, ca. 75 min. - Digitally remastered version of Murnau's Nosferatu: A Symphony of Horror, hosted by David Carradine. Based on the Novel by Bram Stoker. Directed by Friedrick W. Murnau. Max Schreck as Count Dracula the Vampire in the often-told tale of the evil Count from Transylvania. It recounts the eternal battle between good and evil, love and hate, innocence and death. A young man must combat the devil incarnate in the form of the sinister Count Orlock, better known as Nosferatu - The Undead, in order to save his sould and the woman he loves. Nosferatu represents on e of the first treaments of the Vampire on film and remains a classic in cinematic history. This updated version will both thrill and horrify new generations for years to come. Murnau's Nosferatu can truly be called The First Vampire.


Nosferatu: The First Vampire SM 530
1922, b/w, English titles, ca. 105min. - Based on the Novel by Bram Stoker. Directed by Friedrick W. Murnau. Max Schreck as Count Dracula the Vampire in the often-told tale of the evil Count from Transylvania.


Old Heidelberg VFN 1353
1915, S/M, English title cards, ca. 55 mi. - Written and Directed by John Emerson, Supervised by D.W. Griffith. A long lost classic. Dorothy Gish, Wallace Reid, Erich von Stroheim, Raymond Wells. Karl Heinrich, Germany's young, bored and lonely heir apparent, is sent to the University of Heidelberg where he becomes enamored with an innkeeper's daughter, but is forced to choose between love and duty.
**No Longer Available**

One Arabian Night (Sumurun) OL 1064
Germany, 1920, English subtitles, S/M, ca. 85 min. - The glory that was Baghdad is no more. But the spell of Arabian nights reaches across a thousand years to kindle the minds of man. This elaborate blend of romance, melodrama, comedy and spectacle is indeed a spellbindng tale. A silent melodrama with an elaborate blend of romance and comedy that established the reputation of director Ernst Lubitsch as well as the star actress Pola Negri, who plays an exotic dancer. A sheik's wife, anxious to excape the harem and run off with a handsome merchant, contrives to have her tyrannical husband seduced by the dancer. Her scheme works, but the sheik's son also falls for Negri, leading to violent confrontations. Lubitsch himself appears in the film as a hunchback performer in the dancer's troupe.


The Oyster Princess FA 211
With English untertitles, 1919, ca. 70 min. - Ernst Lubitsch. This witty satire on the American businessman and the Prussian aristocracy tells the story of Ossi (Ossi Oswalda), whose American "Oyster King" father promises to buy her a prince to marry. The victim recommended by their marriage broker is Prince Nucki, who lives in a run-down apartment with his friend Josef. What follows is one of the most lavish weddings ever filmed, but the wedding night is not at all what the "princess" had in mind. With Harry Liedtke, Victor Janson.


1922, S/M, ca. 81 min. - Directed by Dmitri Buchowtzki with Emil Jannings, and Werner Kraus. Jannings' towering presence dominates this ambitious early Shakespeare classic!

Othello - Now also on DVD SM 726
Germany, 1922, b/w, silent, ca. 80 min. - One of the Bard's most darkly psychological tragedies finds a fitting home in the lugubrious sets of the German silent screen. With Emil Jannings.


DVD Extras include: Four Shakespearean silent shorts. Essay by Douglas Brode.


Pandora's Box SM 751
Germany, 1928, English subtitles, ca. 110 min., B&W - Directed by G. W. Pabst with Louise Brooks
Originally released in 1928 Pabst's erotic adaptation of Frank Wedekind's "Lulu" plays was mutilated by censors and reviled by critics of the era. Today's restoration of Pandora's Box reveals a masterpiece of the silent era, a momentous meeting of director and star. For the role of Lulu, a destroyer of men who is ultimately destroyed by Jack the Ripper, the German director rejected a young Marlene Dietrich in favor of American actress Louise Brooks, the epitome of the modern woman of the 1920s. Together they produced a startling sex tragedy and an unorthodox femme fatale who is the true victim - of her own carnality and German upper-class morality.


Passion (Madam Dubarry) SM 730
Germany, 1919, ca. 92 min., B&W - Directed by Ernst Lubitsch with Pola Negri, Emil Jannings, and Harry Liedke. A romanticized story of private life of the well known courtesan who was Louis XV's mistress until her death on the guillotine.


Potemkin SM 100
1925, ca. 67 min. - The story of the sailors of the Battleship Potemkin who rebelled when ordered to eat maggot-ridden meat. The citizens of Odessa rise up in their support but are massacred by Czarist troops.


Q Ships
German and English, ca. 1926, English title cards, ca. 45 min., B&W - The story of a German sub-commander and the conflict he suffers over his morality and his loyalty to his country. See battle in the first World War and the blockade of Britain. blown up from a 9,5mm film print. A collector's dream!
**No Longer Available**

Ruf des Nordens  CH 610
Abenteuerfilm, silent, German commentary by Luis Trenker, 1929, b/w, ca. 64 min. - Auf einer Polarexpedition im ewigen Eis wird's kalt und lebensgefaehrlich. Das muss Trenker, der hier einmal nicht auf Bergeshoehen turnt, schmerzlich bis zum guten Ende erfahren. Tolle Naturaufnahmen in diesem dokumentarisch angelegten Abenteuerspielfilm. 


Secrets of a Soul GPV 795
1925, ca. 58 min. - This bizarre film is based on a Freudian interpretation of dreams. Directed by G. W. Pabst. Cast: Werner Krauss, Jack Trevor, Ruth Weyher. This bizarre film is based on a Freudian interpretation of dreams. It was supervised at the time by Freud's associates - Jung and Adler.


ShatteredFA 598
1921, ca. 62 min. - One of the key films of the German Kammerspiel movement, this silent work chronicles the tragic repercussions of a furtive love affair between a railway worker's daughter and her father's supervisor. This grim, small scale film... is sparse, naturalistic, dealing in a minimum number of characters and observing the unities of time, place, and action.
**No Longer Available**

The Ship of Lost Men (Das Schiff der Verlorenen Menschen) FA 790
1929, b&w, NR, silent, ca. 97 min. - Marlene Dietrich stars as a daring adventuress whose plane crash lands in the Atlantic Ocean. She is rescued by a strange ship housing a crew of escaped criminals and other dangerous characters. When they succeed in killing the captain, Dietrich and three other men must fend off the vicious murderers until help arrives. Originally seen only in Germany with German subtitles, this is the first time that Ship of Lost Men has been released in the Untied States. This unusual, action-packed melodrama was released just prior to The Blue Angel, Dietrich's star-making picture.


Spies SM 732
Germany, 1928, s/M, ca. 121 min. - Truly the granddaddy of all espionage adventure films; ingenious strategies and political twists, murder and revenge, black mail and sabotage, secret codes, bugging devices and disguise, heart-throbbing chases and explosive violence and beautiful female spies seducing and deceiving their way to vital plans! Produced just after his science fiction epic Metropolis, and using much of the same cast and crew - Fritz Lang's Spies continues the director's fascination with futuristic technology, expressionistic design and sweeping adventure. Spies depicts the efforts of Haghi, a wheelchair-bound criminal mastermind, to gain control of the nation's wealth and political power through a network of ruthless agents. In his way stands #326, Donald Tremaine, who leads an army of government operatives in a last-ditch effort to destroy Haghi's empire. Spies is more than an adventure film, it is a darkly pessimistic view of postwar Berlin, which Lang portrays as a Babylonian society that has overindulged in decadence, bringing about a corruption that could destroy them all. Starring Rudolf Klein-Rogge, Willy Fritsch, Gerda Maurus, Lupu Pick.


Spies - Now on DVD
Germany, 1927, b/w, new recording,silent movie, original musical score, ca. 150 min. - For years available only in a truncated 88 minute version, Spies is now available in the original 2 1/2 hour version. The respected director of an international bank, Haghi doubles as a criminal mastermind who heads a spy ring specializing in the theft of government documents.


 Spiders (Spinnen) KN 1026
Germany, 1919, S/M, ca. 137 min., B&W/color tinted - Carl de Vogy, Ressel and Lil Dagover with an original music score by Gaylord Carter. Spiders by Fritz Lang is considered by many to be the real beginning of the golden age of the German silent film. For those familiar with Lang as a giant of the cinema, this third feature already evidences some of the unique characterizations and themes which resurface in his later works such as Dr. Mabuse, Metropolis, M, Fury, and The Big Heat. Spiders is an adventure story about an organized band of criminals who scheme to dominate the world. Although planned as a serial, only the first two parts were completed. Combining a labyrinth of plots with actual exotic locations, Lang succeeded in creating a highly entertaining pair of films which were replete with Inca treasures, human sacrifices and hairbreadth escapes.


The Student of Old Heidelberg SM 2160
1928, S/M, hi-fi Stereo, ca. 107 min., B&W - A prince finds that instruction in "duty, demeanor, and formality" keeps him from the things that he would rather be experiencing and enjoying in his life. It sets him apart from his fellow students at the University of Heidelberg. And, ultimately, it takes from him the one thing he prizes: Kathi, the sweetly appealing barmaid with whom he is in love. With Ramon Navarro and Norma Shearer. A classic of the silent screen!


The Student of Prague SM 733
Germany, 1913, German title cards, ca. 60 min., S/M - The original print! A romantic drama photographed in Castle Belvedere in Prague and Palace Fuerstenberg in Lobkowitz and other historic places. Directed by Paul Wegener with Lothar and Grete Berger.


The Student of PragueLSC 103
Germany, 1926, German subtitles, ca. 93 min., S/M - Extremely rare, this is the second silent version of this classic starring Conrad Veidt as a young student who sells his soul to the devil in return of the love of a young woman. Unfortunately, his soul becomes his evil twin and causes much trouble. The climactic scene is a sword fight between Veidt and his soul. Quality: fair.
**no longer available**

Tartuffe / The Way to Murnau - Now on DVD
Tartufe Germany, 1925, silent with music score, tinted, ca. 63 min. - The Way to Murnau, Germany, 2003, ca. 35 min. - Moliere's fable of religious hypocrisy is brought to the screen by Murnau in a modernized retelling starring Emil Jannings and Lil Dagover. Includes The Way to Murnau, a documentary on Murnau's life and career.


Variety SM 735
1925, English title cards, s/m, ca. 70 min. - A delightful love story!


Vampyr SM 734
Germany, 1931, German narrative titles, ca. 66 min. - Danish director Carl Dryer's legendary horror film about a young man who becomes entangled in the maraudings of a vampire... an old spinster. Also known as The Strange Adventure of David Gray, this is one of the truly off-bear classics of the Schiller genre. While the print has the original German narrative titles, the story is sufficiently self-explanatory and shouldn't pose a problem for viewers.


The Wandering Jew VFN 1707
Austria, 1920, ca. 65 min. - Rudolph and Joseph Schildkraut, Thomas Morley, Tom Pearson. Jew is condemned to wander the earth forever. Directed by Otto Kreisler. English titles.


Waxworks SM 24
Germany, 1924, ca. 63 min. Cast: Emil Jannings, Conrad Veidt, Werner Krauss, Wilhelm Dieterle Starring three of Germany's greatest actors of the silent period, Waxworks creates a fantastic atmosphere through curiously deformed lighting effects. A poet sees wax figures at a fair and dreams about Jack the Ripper, Ivan the Terrible and an Oriental despot and imagines each figurine coming to life and relating their story. Silent.


Wax Works - Now as DVD
Germany, 1924, silent, color tinted, ca. 83 min. - In this rarely seen masterwork of German expression, a trilogy of terror is woven around the wax figures of a carnival side show. Jack the Ripper, Ivan the Terrible (Conrad Veidt), and Haroun al Raschid (Emil Jannings) all spring to life on the screen though a variety of visual techniques. DVD Extras include: Paul Leni's 1926 short Rebush Film 1. Excerpt from Douglas Fairbank's The Thief of Bagdad.


Weird Tales (Unheimliche Geschichten)LSV 104
German subtitles. This film, thought to be lost for many years, is a compilation of several Edgar Allen Poe stories. With Richard Oswald. Quality: fair.
**No Longer Available**

White Hell of Pitz Palu FA 11450
1929, English subtitles, ca. 95 min. - Made at the end of the silent era. One of the great German mountain films and one of the best and most successful. Immaculate, snowy white this mountain, with the icy soullessness of a beautiful vampire, that lures men on with its gleaming whiteness... This is the tremendous background for a tender story of young love and daring adventure. Beautiful Photography highlights this story of an attempt to conquer a mountain. Directed by Arnold Fanck and G.W. Pabst. Starring: Leni Riefenstahl, Gustav Diessl, Ernst Petersen.

Woman in the Moon SM 989
1929, ca. 146 min, Silent with music score, English captions. - In this history flight of fancy from director Fritz Lang, four men, one woman, and a boy travel on the first spaceship to the Moon. The voyage is sponsored by a powerful group of bankers, hoping to test a scientist's theory that there is gold on the moon. The space pioneers do indeed discover gold, resulting in greed, jealousy, violence, and the group's possible destruction. This influential science fiction epic has been widely acclaimed for its imaginative sets and special effects, and for its expressive photography. Presented in an early German naturalistic style, this frivolous tale of a stowaway, treasure, and lunar romance is redeemed by a lavish production, an uncanny vision of the future, and a stunning surprise ending.


The Woman in the Moon - Now on DVD KV 3842 DVD
Germany, 1919, silent movie, color tinted, ca. 168 min. - Humankind's first voyage to the moon, as only Fritz Lang could imagine it. This sci-fi fantasy boasts remarkable effects and features a motley crew, including a scientist hunting for gold on the moon. Lang's final silent film foreshadowed several real-life aspects of space travel, and was written by his wife Thea von Harbou, who also wrote Metropolsi and M.
TheDVD includes a gallery of reare production photographs.


The Women Men Yearn For VFN 2282
Starring Marlene Dietrich
1928, German language, English language title cards, ca. 74 min.


What Do Those Old Films Mean? FV 113
U.S., 1987, Documentary, English language, ca. 26 min. - A focus on films produced in Germany in the 1920;s. A must for every video collector!


Yankee Doodle in Berlin R 001
1919, ca. 60 min. - World War I comedy. Yankee Doodle in Berlin stands alongside Chaplin's Shoulder Arms as one of the finest comedies of the First World War, yet it has received little acclaim. Bothwell Browne, who plays the American hero Bob White, was a famous female impersonator of the period. He steals the Kaiser's war plans by dressing in female togs and seducing him, then signals the key information to a telegraph operator disguised as a scarecrow in a cornfield adjacent to the palace? Although some decomposition in the nitrate preprint shows on the screen in Blackhawk's copies, image quality is generally quite good, and the film itself is extremely funny!


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