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Die Anfaenge der Filmgeschichte. Historisch und voller Meinung.
Bewundern Sie die unuebertroffene Ausdrucksfaehigkeit der
Schauspieler in der Kinderstube der Filmkunst. Fast alle Stummfilme
auf dieser Seite haben einen musikalischen Hintergrund. 
These videos are hard to find film titles from the silent movie era. Most of the videos will be discontinued. Please purchase the title while they are still available.



Adventures of Prince Achmed GPV 796
1927, S/M, color/b/w, ca. 64 min. - This rare film utilizes laborious cutout silhouette to tell its story based on the tales of the Arabian Nights. A truly beautiful film that has to be seen to be believed. By Lotte Reininger. Director: Karl Koch.


Backstairs SM 669
Germany, 1921, S/M, ca. 44 min., B&W - The story of a maid who is having an affair with a man who disappears one day without warning and leaves her waiting anxiously for the daily mail and hopefully a letter from him.


Berlin: Symphony of a City SM 701
1927, S/M, ca. 53 min., B&W - Directed by Walter Ruttman. A day in the life of Berlin, from dawn to midnight, becomes the most innovative and significant documentary in the story of the cinema. A masterpiece of montage and visual design Berlin, Symphony of a great city took the documentary form to new heights. Simple in concept, Berlin photographically records a day in the workings of a city, captureing the ordinary goings-on of the busy restaurants, factoreis and sidewalks.


The Burning Soil (Der brennende Acker)FA 205
English titles, 1922, ca. 98 min. - This extremely rare film by Murnau is a dramatically adventuresome story of peasants and the land. The protagonist is a proud , ambitious man (Vladimir Gaidarow) who becomes secretary to a Count. He moves his affections from the Count's daughter to the Count's young second wife (Stella Arbeninna) when he realizes that the latter will inherit an estate which stands on a petroleum oil field. The film begins dully, but becomes involving as the young man's machinations become clearer. His motives remain a matter of conjecture. The film was a huge success upon its original release.
**No Longer Available**

Cabinet of Doctor CaligariSM 702
Germany, 1919, S/M, ca. 70 min., B&W - Directed by Robert Wiener with Werner Kraus, Lili Dagover, and Conrad Veidt. The ultimate classic in the Expressionist Cinema and early horror filmed on distorted sets. The world is turned on end in this fantasy of madness as the hero relives the terrifying experiences that befell him in the village of his youth. Holstenwall is a provincial town aroused from medieval slumber by the arrival of a traveling fair. To this fair comes Dr. Caligari with a cabinet in which he keeps a somnambulist named Cesare, whom Caligari alone can command to speech and action. The villagers are excited by the fortune-telling feats of the awakened Cesare, but their festive mood turns to fear when strange murders begin to occur in the town. The crowning outrage comes with the abduction of the hero's girlfriend and the story moves swiftly to a bizarre climax.


The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari - Now on DVD
Germany, 1919, silent movie, color tinted, ca. 73 min. - A masterpiece of psychological horror and the film that has come to epitomize the mysterious, highly stylized German Expressionalist cinema. A demented hypnotist and his ghastly henchman spread death throughout the German countryside. Newly remastered from the archival German material and tinted according to original instructions with an evocative score. DVD Extras include: a 43-minute condensatoin of Robert Wiene's Genuine: The Tale of a Vampire (1920). Behind-the-Scenes footage of Robert Wiene on the set of I.N.R.I. Two musical scores to choose from. Gallery of more than 40 photos, posters and production sketches.
Special Features include also a 43-minute condensation of Robert Wiene's genuine: The Tale of a Vampire (1920); Behind-the-scenes footage of Robert Wiene on the set of I.N.R.I.; Gallery of more than 40 photos, posters and production sketches; New and improved English subtitle
translations, etc.
**No Longer Available**

Cesare Borgia FA 608
1923, with English under titles, ca. 83 min. - The bloodthirsty reign of Cesare and Lucrezia Borgia is at the center of this long-lost, silent classic film. Conrad Veidt plays one of the descendants of Pope Alexander VI. This ruthless historical character is said to have murdered several people, including his own brother Juan Borgia, and to have committed incest with his sister Lucrezia.


The Comeback of Max Schmeling VFN 2446
1924, English title cards, ca. 60 min. - A documentary about Max Schmeling's life as a boxer. With Olga Chekova.


Danton (aka All for a Woman) FA 212
English under titles, 1921, ca. 60 min. - One of the most important achievement of German Expressionism, and one of the rarest, this biographical film about the downfall of the French Revolutionary is particularly notable for its incredible performances from Emil Jannings and Werner Krauss. With Maly Delschaft, Charlotte Ander and Eduard von Winterstein.


Daughters of Eve VFN 1129
1928, ca. 65 min., Anny Ondra. Story about showgirl vamp leading men astray. English titles.


Death of a Swan (der Sterbende Schwan) SM 3935
1916, Silent with German titles, from Russia. Directed by Yevgeni Bauer. He entered films in 1913 as a set designer and director for the Pathe and Drankov studios in Moscow. One of the first Russian artists to devote his talents to the cinema. Bauer soon distinguished himself as one of the foremost directors of the czarist era. Given a free hand, he directed many contemporary dramas that were to exert a lasting influence on the Soviet cinema. In four years he directed some 60 films. His persistence in tackling contemporary themes instead of the costume and historical themes in vogue, was a valuable initiative. His sudden death in 1917 was a grave loss to the art.


The Deerslayer (Lederstrumpf) SM 101
Germany, 1920, no music track, ca. 60 min. - Copied from the only print known to exist, this 1920 classic stars Bela Lugosi as an American "Chingachgok", the trusted companion of the Deerslayer (Emil Mamelok). Based on the novels by James Fennimore Cooper and directed by Arthur Wellin.


Diary of a Lost Girl SM 752
Germany, 1929, S/M, ca. 99 min., B&W - G. W. Pabst's horrifying masterpiece. A follow-up to Pandora's box, starring Louise Brooks as a child who is seduced and placed in a militaristic house of correction and takes the path to sin and degradation.


Dr. Mabuse: The Gambler (Part 1 and Part 2)
Germany, 1922, B&W - Available in two parts, this is the full-length original version of the great movie by Fritz Lang: Dr. Mabuse: der Spieler. Starring Rudolph Klein-Rogge and Audergede Nissen, it's the story of the evil deeds of the criminal mastermind, master of hypnosis, deception, and disguise.

Faust SM 711
1926, English subtitles, S/M, ca. 117 min., B&W - Emil Jannings has a field day as a totally evil Satan. Stunning visual effects and breathtaking photography.With Goesta Ekman, Emil Jannings, Camilla Horn, Wilhelm (William) Dieterle. Directed by F.W. Murnau. In the 1920s, Murnau became one of the international cinema's most influential, innovative and distinguished artists. His films were visual feasts, with light, shadow and camera movement the key elements of his genius. The video chronicles what happens when an old man sells his sould for youth, and the forces of heaven and hell do battle over that soul. Clearly, this Faust is a must-see classic. Bi-lingual intertitles in German and English. Silent film with original organ score, correct projection speed.


Faust - Now on DVD KV 2072 DVD
Germany, 1926, silent with music score, b/w, stereo, ca. 91 min. - Director F. W. Murnau. Germany's legendary tale of an alchemist who enters into a pact with the devil is given definitive screen treatment in this visually stunning film. Mastered from a striking 35 mm print. DVD extras include a gallery of extraordinary production shots and posters. Faust captures the intensity of a medieval universe steeped in religious fanaticism and pagan alchemy. Black-hooded pallbearers lead a torchlit procession through a plague-stricken village literally cloaked by the wings of Satan. Crowded landscapes materialize and vanish in wisps of smoke, daemonic creatures soar through the heavens and earthly beings are tormented by the vaporous spirits that permeate the dungeon-like homes and Caligari-esque rooftops of this shadow world. In the eye of this infernal maelstrom is the great Emil Jannings (Othello), who sets off the film's sound and fury with a diabolically engaging performance, making Faust a masterpiece.


The Fatal Passion of Dr. Mabuse SM 750
Germany, 1922, S/M, ca. 88 min., B&W - Directed by Fritz Lang with Rudolph Klein-Rogge. An edited combination of Dr. Mabuse: The Gambler originally made in two parts, this is the version originally released in the U.S.


Film Before Film HH 83
1986, West Germany, color, ca. 83 min. - An exhilarating and amusing encyclopedic look at the "prehistory" of cinema. Werner Nekes charts the fascination with moving pictures which led to the birth of film; covering shadow plays, peep shows, flip books, flicks, magic lanterns, lithopanes, panoramic scroll, colorful forms of early animation and numerous other historical artifices. Fim before Film (Was geschah wirklich zwischen den Bildern?). Director: Werner Nekes, Sets: Dore O., Cinematography: Bernd Upnmoor.


Fortune's Fool SM 717
1921, titles in English, silent film with music score, correct projection speed, ca. 107min. - An undiscovered gem from the golden Age of German Film, combining sharp observations of Weimar society with melodrama, romance, soap opera and spirited comedy. A nouveau-riche industrialist becomes enmeshed in a way of life beyond his ability and ambition. Starring Emil Jannings.


My Four Years in Germany VFN 11934
1918, English title cards, ca. 105 min. - Halbert Brown, Willard Dashiell, Louis Dean, Earl Schenk, Ann Dearing. Propaganda film based on the autobiography of James W. Gerard, the U.S Ambassador to Germany from 1913-1917. Gerard assisted Nigh in direction, and reportedly had a clause in his contract which stated that the film could not be changed without his consent. Directed and Edited by William Nigh, who also has a bit part as a socialist.


German Horror Classics - A Four-DVD Set KV 2572 DVD
The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari - Nosferatu - The Golem - Waxworks
The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari - Supplemental features include: Two musical scores; Photo/art gallery; 43-minute except of Robert Wiene's Genuine: The Tale of a Vampire(1920); Wiene behind the scenes of I.N.R.I. (1923).
Nosferatu - Supplemental features include: Two musical scores; Photo/art gallery; Excepts from six films by F.W. Murnau including Phantom and The Haunted Castle; Scene comparison: Novel, Script and Film.
The Golem - Supplemental features include: Photo/art gallery; Except of the 1936 French Film Le Golem; Creation: A comparison of scenes.
Waxworks - Supplemental features include: Paul Leni's 1926 Short Rebus Film 1; Except of The Thief of Bagdad.


The Golem SM 810
Germany, 1920, S/M, ca. 94 min. - Directed by Paul Wegener. Early Robotic science fiction based on ancient Jewish mysticism.The Legend of "the Golem" is also well known to science fiction historians as one of the first stories about Robotics. In an impoverished East European Ghetto, the Jews are once more to be the victim of a Pogram (religious persecution by the State.) Foreseeing a time of misfortune for his people, a learned Rabbi decides his pople can be saved only by a "Golem" - a man-made creature brought to life by a magic word placed in an amulet on his chest. Summoning the demon "Astaroth", the Golem is brought to life. Starting to chop wood and draw water, the Golem eventually is brought before the Emperor where he indeed saves the Jews from the Pogram. The ultimate fate of the creature-made-by-man is well told cinematically. Mit Paul Wegener, Albert Steinruck, Ernst Deutsch, Lyda Salmonava.


The Golem - Now on DVD KV 2552 DVD
Germany, 1920, silent, b/w, The new restored authorized edition of Paul Wegener's cabalist thriller, ca. 86 min. - Recognized as the source of the Frankenstein myth, an ancient Hebrew legend provides the substance for one of the most adventurous films of the early German cinema and a landmark in the evolution of the horror film. Suffering under the rule of a tyrannical 16th century Prague despot, a Talmudic Rabbi creates a giant clay warrior to protect the safety of his people. Sculpted of clay and animated by the mysterious secrets of the Cabala, the Golem is a seemingly indestructible juggernaut, performing acts of great heroism, yet equally capable of dreadful violence. When the rabbi's assistant (Ernst Deutsch) takes control of the Golem and attempts to use him for selfish gain, the lumbering monster runs rampand, abducting the rabbi's daughter (Lyda Samonova) and setting fire to the ghetto.
Supplemental features include Excerpts of Julien Duvivier's 1936 film: Le Golem; Scene Comparin: featuring excepts of F.W. Murnau's Faust (1926) and Chayim Block's book The Golem (1925); New and improved English intertitle translation; Gallery of photographs and artwork.


Gypsy Blood SM 18
Germany, 1918, S/M, ca. 104 min. - Ernst Lubitsch's first important film! Pola Negri plays a role that made her an international star. Notable for its beautiful sets, the story is tentatively based on Bizet's opera Carmen. The best copy available.


The Hands of Orlac LSV 105
1925, Russian titles, Poor quality, Rare film - One of the great classics of silent German cinema, this extremely rare film stars Veidt as Paul Orlac, a concertmaster of the grand piano. after his hands are crushed in a train accident, a surgeon repairs them. But there is some question as to whose hands they really are! A mysterious stranger claims that they once belonged to someone else.


Hamlet SM 4254
1920, Germany, ca. 134 min. - Another Shakespeare Hamlet remains one of the best known of this series, partly because Asta Nielsen plays the title role. (You didn't now Hamlet was a girl?). There is more than that here to startle scholars, but to be fair the sources also include Danish legends and a German play. For reasons of state the heiress to the throne has been brought up as a boy, and she has conceived a hopeless passion for Horatio. Dying, she gets that longed-for kiss from him, as his wandering hand encounters a breast: "Death reveals thy tragic secret". Asta Nielsen: 1883 - 1972 was a legendary superstar of the European silent cinema. She was considered one of the most enchanting women of her day, a pallid beauty with blazing dark eyes and was widely admired as a trend-setter in fashions.
**No Longer Available**

The Haunted Castle (Schloss Vogeltod) SM 772
Germany, 1921, Bi-lingual subtitles in German and English, S/M, ca. 75 min. - A suspense-drama directed by Friedrich W. Murnau about the strange happenings at an elegant country mansion of a nobleman entertaining for the hunt. Count Oestsch appears unexpectedly and uninvited, causeing uneasiness with his strange actions. Thought to have murdered a man for years previously a terribly strained, situation occurs when the Count ingnores diplomatic suggestions that he leave before the arrival of the widow of the dead man. Subsequently, a Father Faramun arrives, an old friend of the widow. The Father disappears during the night and the strange Count is suspected of more foul deeds. But strange indeed is the surprising end of a truly gothic suspense film.


The Island of Bliss DT 316
Germany, 1913, silent with English subtitles, ca. 50 min., B&W - Production and sets by Max Reinhardt and directed by Arthur Kahane. From the earliest times of the cinema. Four scenes, all at the beach - boating - young ladies - a beach party, etc. This rare film includes and accompanying music track.


Intolerance R 056
ca. 115 min. - Four stories of intolerance. Lillian Gish, Mae Marsh, Lillian Langdon, Constance Talmadge, Elmo Lincoln, Fred Turner, Lloyd Ingraham, Eugene Pallette, more stars than we can list here! Griffith's sweeping epic detailing four eras (Judean, Midieval French, Babylonian, and Present Day) of predjudice and inhumanity. Intense, melodramatic, influential film that set the stage for American cinema to come. Produced, Written, Directed, Edited, and Score Arranged by D.W. Griffith.


Isn't Life Wonderful? VFN 2027
1924, ca. 121 min. This silent drama from D.W. Griffith concerns the struggles of a poor young waif (Carole Dempster) and her starving family inpost-World War I Germany. Young Inga (Dempster) has to deal with out-of-control inflation and grinding poverty in order somehow put food on her starving family's table. One notable scene follows her agonized attempt to buy food with a shopping cart of practically worthless Deutsche marks. In another, her and her boyfriend (Neil Hamilton) are robbed of their potato harvest by a motley band of food thieves who mistake them for black market profiteers. Through it all, however, the family maintains a touching optimism and appreciation for the small things in life.


The Joyless Street SM 719
Germany, 1925, S/M, ca. 80 min. - The Joyless Street has become famous as the vehicle in which Greta Garbo made her first international screen appearance. It is also a powerful depiction of the sordid life of Germans and Austrians after World War I by one of the great directors of the German silent cinema: G.W. Pabst. As an impoverished middle class girl on the brink of prostituting herself, Garbo's performance here does not perhaps reveal the persona of the great star that would leap from the screen of her MGM productions, but is does allow the viewer to catch intermittent glimpses of an unmistakable magic. Restored Version. Featuring Asta Nielsen and Greta Garbo.


Der letzte Mann (The Last Laugh) SM 703
1924, German subtitles, S/M, ca. 75 mi., B&W - This silent-film classic is told entirely by camera, without title cards. It is an artistic masterpiece in character development. A pompous old hotel man who feels tremendously important is demoted because of his age. Working in a wash room, he becomes a tragic and broke figure. Then, by a strange turn of fortune, he becomes a millionaire. The scenes thereafter are as funny as the earlier scenes were pathetic. Dir. by F. W. Murnau and starring Emil Jannings and Maly Deischaft.


The Last Laugh - Now on DVD
Germany, 1924, b/w, silent with music score, ca. 91 min. - Director F. W. Murnau. A masterpiece of silent cinema, the Kino edition is fully restored and mastered from a 35 mm archive negative, with an orchestral score by Timothy Brock recorded in digital stereo.


Die Liebe der Jeanne Ney SM 706
Germany, 1927, ca. 102 min., B&W - directed by G. W. Pabst with Brigitte Helm, Eigen Jenson and Edith Jehanne. A love story set in Paris and Crimea about the romance between a blind French girl and a young Russian communist. the moral disintegration of postwar European life.


The Love of Jeanne Ney - Now on DVD KV 2082
Germany, 1927, silent, b/w, English subtitles, ca. 113 min. - The film tells the story of a young French woman's struggle for happiness amid the turbulence of post-WWI Europe. For an act of political betrayal, Jeanne's father is killed by Andreas (Uno Henning), a young Bolshevik and also Jeanne's lover. Andreas sends Jeanne (Edith Jehanne) to live with her family in Paris, where he hopes to join her, but he is preceded by the sinister Khalibiev (Fritz Rasp), who pursues Jeanne, proposes marriage to her blind cousin (Brigitte Helm), and murders Jeanne's uncle. Andreas is accused of the crime and is destined for the guillotine if Jeanne cannot convince Khalibiev to offer testimony in his defenxe (not realizing that he is the murderer). This is the longest version avalilable and features a special new orchestral score by Timothy Brock.


Metropolis OL 302
Germany, 1927, S/M, ca. 131 min. - Directed by Fritz Lang, this is the classic of the super city of the future where man has been reduced to a cipher and the machine is all. With a cast of thousands and far ahead of its time, this film has the works... a mad scientist, a crazed female robot, revolting workers and fights galore!


Metropolis - Now on DVD KV 2752 DVD
Germany, 1927, silent movie, b/w, ca. 124 min. - Possibly the most famous and influential of all silent films and a "blueprint" for all movie-science fiction, Metropolis has now been magnificently restored, bringing us as close to the original 1927 release print as possible. One third longer than the 1984 "Moroder" version and with the additon of the original orchestral score by Gottfried Huppertz and newly translated intertitles, this spectacualr production can now be seen it its full glory. Metropolis takes place in 2026, when the populace is divided between workers who must live in the dark underground and the rich who enjoy a futuristic city of splendor. The tense balance of these two societies is realized through images that are amoung the most famous of the 20th century, many of which presage such sci-fi landmarks as 2001: A Space Odyssey and Blade Runner.
Special DVD Extras: new documentary: The History and Making of Metropolis; Featurette: The Digital Restoration; Gallery of Photo and Posters since 1927; Cast and Crew Biographies; 5.1 Surround sound of newly recorded Orchstral Score; Audio Track in English, French, German and Spanish.


The Merry Widow (German Version)SM 3931
1925, with English titles, b/w, ca. 110 min. - Stroheim's about two royal cousins, Prince Danilo and Crown Prince Mirko, insatiable Don Juans in a showdown for the same girl. From the famous Henry W. Savage stage success by Franz Lehar. Starring: Mae Murray as the Widow and John Gilbert as the Prince. Let Joy be Unconfined!


Moon of Israel FA 199
With German titles, 1924, ca. 85 min. - Based on the novel by H. Rider Haggard, this is the original long-lost London pre-release version of the film that was bought by Paramount because of competition with DeMille's "The Ten Commandants", which featured similar scenes and locales. The main confliction between the two films was, and is, in the sequence of the sea parting. "Moon of Israel" is a spectacular specimen depicting the miracle of the sea more clearly, if less dramatically, than the DeMille's (Variety, June 29, 1927). Also known under the title "The Slave Queen".


Mountain Films - Leni Riefenstahl's SM 720
Germany, 1920's, S/M - Two early short films: The Sacred Mountain and White Flame, both on one videocassette.


Mother Krausen's journey into happiness
German title cards, b/w, ca. 105 min. - Mother Krause lives in total poverty in a typical Berlin Hinterhof. When her son is arrested for stealing she sees no other way out of her misery than to turn on the gas. Her daughter meanwhile is friends with a communist worker and wants to fight for a better future. First proletarian film in Germany.
**No Longer Available**

Der muede Tod - (Destiny) SM 704
Germany, 1921, English subtitles, S/M, ca. 90 min., B&W - Destiny is the story of a girl who, with her lover, is staying at a small town inn. A stranger - Fate, alias the Angel of Death - arrives, and soon her lover disappears with him. This girl experiences a profound traumatic despair. Just as she is about to drink a poison potion, she dreams a dream in which she confronts this stranger. Wishing for her lover's return, she is told that her request will be satisfied only if she can prevent a trio of flaring candles from being extinguished. What follows are three episodes, explaining the stories of these lights. Lang co-authored the script of Destiny with Thea von Harbou, whom he married around the time of the film's release. Directed by Fritz Lang. Mit Bernard Goetze, Lil Dagover, Walter Janssen.


F. W. Murnau Collection - Box Set of Five DVDs KV 3212 DVD
The most gifted visual storyteller of the Silent Era F. W. Murnau. The DVD Box Set of all four DVDs
Nosferatu - The Last Laugh - Tartuffe (Plus: The Way to Murnau) - Faust - Tabu
Nosferatu -Supplemental features include: Two musical scores; Photo/art gallery; Excepts from six films by F.W. Murnau including Phantom, Journey into the Night and The Haunted Castle.
The Last Laugh - Supplemental features include: Photo gallery.
Tartuffe - Supplemental features include: The Way to Murnau, a 35-minute documentary on the life and career of F.W. Murnau; Essay by film historian Jan Christopher Horak.
Faust - Supplemental features include: "UFA Studios 1925: The Making Of Faust" (a gallery of rare production stills); Essay by film historian Jan Christopher Horak.
Tabu - Supplemental features include: Audio commentary by Professor Janet Bergstrom; Rare out take footage; Theatrical trailer.


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